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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu illya all wet

i smile like a bandsaw

Back in the saddle again this morning. Still stuck on soloadventure's wonderful tea bowl. Between this and the mug thatpotteryguy made me and the one from stwish's budddy, I may never drink out of goofy mass-market cartoon mugs again. (I keep having to steal that last one back from TBRE, though. She is a black hole of tea cups.)

Today, I start revising chapter three of Grail in light of new, awful, earlier events, and the balance and spin the book has finally attained in my head. I don't expect a whole lot of new wordcount for a while, but I may suprise myself. And there will need to be Scenes of Mysterytude added, since it turns out that's what this book is. (I expected a plot coupon fantasy. That was the plan. Book One: Quest Fantasy; Book Two: Chase Novel; Book Three: Plot Coupon Fantasy.

But it just wasn't hooking together that way, so I had to go back and find a structure that did work. And now I have to go into the formless morass of what I have written and stuff the armature in, then redistribute the flesh over the skeleton to make it look natural before I animate it.

A little like reboning a boneless chicken.

Or Frankenstein's monster in reverse.

It's Thursday, which means Project:Valkyrie accountability day

Friday 1/29 : rest day
Saturday 1/30: 2 hours stacking wood
Sunday 1/31: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 40 minutes swimming laps
Monday 2/1: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 20 minutes yoga, 2.5 hours climbing, belaying, and hanging around gym
Tuesday 2/2: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 40 minutes swimming laps, 20 minutes yoga, 2 hours dog brushing (trust me, it's a workout)
Wednesday 2/3: 5 minutes yoga; 2 hours climbing, belaying, and hanging around the gym
Thursday 2/4: 20 minutes yoga, 1 hour archery

Virtupitude is observed!


reboning a boneless chicken

D00d, that is the darlingest simile I've ever seen. Rock on!
"Do mean like... boning the chicken? Or like boning the chicken? Because that's fucked up, man."
And now I'm picturing a sort of "Mr. Bean meets American Pie" montage.
I'm in for the wishbone.
(I read the title as "I smell like a bandsaw".)

I really like it when writers post process posts like this one. I'm...well, I don't even want to say that I'm an aspiring writer because I've only submitted a couple of poems to an online 'zine...but I want to write, and getting insight into the processes of others helps me figure out what works and doesn't work for me.

Thank you for posting these!
That's why I do it. *g*
Hmm. That's a tricky question. In my case, lots of reading, a college dual major in anthropology and English critical theory, and years of hanging around with writers. It's like any professional skill--the more sources you learn from, the more you practice, the more complex and resilent your knowledge base and skill set grow.

That's not really helpful, is it? But one becomes a critic by engaging in and reading criticism, mostly.

Although a lot of academic criticism is nonsense. At some point deconstructionism and postmodernism stopped being toold and became ends unto themselves, and I think critical thought is only starting to recover from that.
That, I can answer in a couple of words.

In the SF genre, John Clute and Joanna Russ.

And yeah, solicit away.
Somebody (PNH? TNH?) called Jo Walton's writing on SF on Tor.com "some of the best contemporary SF criticism".
Or like that Mythbusters episode where they were testing the diving suits....