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bear by san

March 2017



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This probably warrants a public announcement.

I appear to have a PA, by the way. The Fabulous rikibeth* will be managing some of my paperwork and organizational morass, thus freeing me up to wonder about important things like what's for lunch, and do we have any milk left, and who killed Edward Drooooooooooooooood?

I can already sense things running more smoothly. And it's possible that boxes might actually get in the mail now.

I feel a little ridiculous, and more than a little self-important about this. But then I realize that I have worked as a PA for people much less busy than I am, and some of that fades.

*Fabulous being, of course, the traditional honorific and form of address for such Personages. You may also refer to her as "your Fabulousness."


Although the Fabulous Lorraine was fabulous well before she was a PA :-).
Are you suggesting the Rikibeth wasn't?
Oh, no, that's not the point at all. From what little I know (online), she probably was.

Just, I was challenging it as a title associated with being a PA.
You lose. It's been done twice. It's a Sacred Tradition now.
Oh, maybe I didn't make that clear (assumed too much was already known). Lorraine was known as "the Fabulous Lorraine" before she became a PA; the point was not that she was fabulous before, but that she used the title before.

However, there's nothing wrong with using the title elsewhere, and I'm reasonably sure Lorraine doesn't think she owns it; neither do I.
Yes, obviously she is the first, the trendsetter, and all other PA's must be called Fabulous after her grace. It's like getting an award named after you.

THAT was never in question. (That, in fact, was kind of the point. Because she is more awesome than awesomesauce.)
As a P.A. myself, I approve this message.
aww, I'm blushing...

This from someone who has long admired Lorraine's Fabulousness from afar, to the extent of learning to play "Elvira in Paris" on the pennywhistle.
I would love to be fabulous, but I suspect I lack the pizzazz for that, and can only aspire to "extremely competent."

(As dd_b knows but matociquala probably doesn't, I work as a PA, among other things.)
It probably helps to be the sort of PA whose idea of a good Break From The Novel is to take the Author out for a night of Goth Bowling. (See this LJ in 2006 for details.)
(and photos)

One of those socks is now a slunk. *g*
She's ALREADY making my life easier. :-P
So if you hire a teenager for these purposes, does that make them Junior Fabulous when they start out, or full-fledged Fabulous from the beginning? Or does it depend on the kid in question?
I think it's possible that it depends...
Hooray for making your life easier! &hearts
what a great thing!
I think this is an excellent development!
This should free up more of that vitally important Cat Petting and Dog Playing time.

Also, huzzah!
This is fabulous news!
Congratulations to the two of you. I know you'll be very happy together. :)


A PA is one of the best allies one can have in a world that is out to test your limits! Hooray for Fabulous Rikibeth!
Excellent! Always a good thing to have more time for the important things in life.
Oh, good.

Yeah, I may live....
Please do!