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bear by san

December 2021



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what lies ahead i have no way of knowing.

The Fabulous rikibeth has been and gone, and my office looks like a propaganda bomb went off. Which is actually progress, and she assures me there will be more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I wrote 725 words on Grail, and got through editing Chapter three. Now! With narrative tension!

I think the plot graft is taking.

There will be more work after archery and dinner. Perhaps Chapter four, mmmm?


So scattered everywhere about are leaflets detailing how we are at war with Eurasia and the chocolate ration has been increased to 50g/day?
There is a general scheme to it all: book-related correspondence is ON the desk, bills are UNDER it, important tax documents are in a shallow box under the supervision of the Fearless Kjtten (I have pictures), Shadow Unit notes written on the backs of envelopes are in the box designated for the archivist, and the Social Security card and birth certificate have been turned back over to their owner.
See? Fabulous. And you will spend fifteen minutes with me discussing the Tribal Variations of "Oh, honey." (White woman, black woman, gay man.)
Indeed, she is truly worthy of the title.
I have about three inches worth of empty envelopes leftover from having to go through TWO YEARS of medical insurance mailings from the company that believes in sending a statement of What We've Done For You Lately every time one does anything vaguely associated with the medical field. Would Bear like some to write her SU notes on?


I am trying to convince the Tasmanian Tortoiseshell to supervise my important tax documents but so far all she wants to do is nibble on the corners.
I think we're all set in the Random Envelope department, thanks.

I filed plenty of documents with cat-nibbled corners, but from the dates I believe it was the Presumptuous Cat's work,rather than the Fearless Kjtten.
Probably Marlowe, actually. The PC doesn't eat paper.
That makes sense. Khaavren is a paper-eater, and Kragar also liked to bite book corners, so I tend to ascribe it to most cats.
I figured. ;-)

My late tabby (in the icon) liked to nibble paper such that I have an annotated pattern for 13th c. men's underwear that she ate the crotch out of. Which of course included the measurements for the crotch piece. ;-)

Silly unrelated to this entry

In regards one of your Man from UNCLE icons, I bring you photographic proof that Patrick Stewart engaged in similar behavior at least once.

Re: Silly unrelated to this entry

Hee. I used to have an animated icon with various Robert-and-David-flipping-off-the-camera scenes. *g*