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bear by san

March 2017



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if this is the future, we're doing it wrong.

Okay, here's the deal.

My friend hominysnark, who I have known for years and years, who is an indepent artist of the funniest water, is sick and needs surgery.

I will let asatomuraki say it for me, because I cannot improve on this:

[info]hominysnark needs a hysterectomy to keep an unpleasant medical condition from becoming a life-threatening one (it's already most of the way there) and she can't, because she doesn't have health insurance.

Why doesn't she have health insurance? Because she's self-employed, and as many self-employed creative people (she's an artist and writer) know all too well, when you have to choose between eating and having a place to sleep or having health insurance, the health insurance loses. I know this, because the hubby and I have been paying for self-employment health benefits for most of this decade, watching the cost go higher and higher while the benefits get lower and lower. We pay more for health insurance than we do for shelter, but live in terror of not having it, just in case. Because not having it could mean complete financial ruin, and destroy our children's future. It's freaking scary.

So, anyway. She needs $2700.00 for the operation, or she has to wait for her condition to become life-threatening. (It will get there long before she could save up that much, especially since she has $8,000.00 in medical bills from just having it diagnosed.) See, she falls in that sweet spot between having enough income to have health insurance or pay for health care herself and being poor enough to qualify for any sort of break from providers or government program.

I know that if every one who can will give a buck or two, maybe we can get this thing done before her life is at risk.  

Lisa is made of awesome. I know the fandom appeals seem to get thicker and thicker on the ground; I know none of us is made of money.

I do ask you to consider kicking in a buck or two for simple, basic medical care that can help save a woman's life. Or you could buy a fucking awesome T-shirt.

Your choice.


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Thank you for putting this out there -- my reach is pitifully small, and the more people who pitch in their pennies (or buy awesome t-shirts) the better.

I apologize, though, for how angry my post sounds upon re-reading. But I am kind of angry. This just isn't how it should be.
Oh, man. I'm RIPSHIT. And not just because that could just as easily be me.
Oh, fuck. I'm not sure I can manage anything at the moment, but I'll see what I can do. This shit is just not cool. And it keeps happening.

Man, I can only hope this shit is going to change when my generation and the one after it moves up to the halls of power. Because the Baby Boomers have failed us for the last time.

But we'll probably fuck it up too.
Thats awful. What does she need a historectomy for? My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis and they were calling for a total histoerectomy. We went a different route instead.
I don't think it's anybody's business what her diagnosis is, unless she chooses to share that. It's generally considered impolite to ask.
I keep thinking:

When thou from hence away art paste,
Every nighte and alle,
To Whinny-muir thou comest at laste;
And Christe receive thye saule.

If ever thou gavest hosen and shoon,
Every nighte and alle,
Sit thee down and put them on;
And Christe receive thye saule.

If hosen and shoon thou ne'er gavest nane,
Every nighte and alle,
The whinnes sall pricke thee to the bare bane;
And Christe receive thye saule.

because I have disposable income just now, but have good reason to think that won't always be the case. Not that I really believe in literal payback, but I also can't bring myself to ask for help I haven't given.
We have always taken care of each other, one way or another. We used to consider doing so the highest virtue of all.
I'm going to post this because alot of people don't know about it (including doctors, believe it or not)and I believe the more you know, the better off you are. This is what my wife did. http://www.novasure.com/ . Please pass it on to your friend. A whole lot cheaper than a hysterectomy without all the nasty side effects like no hormones and her insides falling out (that stuff is supposed to be there). My wife can vouch for it.

Don't get me started on the whole insurance thing. If Obama can get that mess straightened out, he will get my vote next time for sure.
Offering amateur internet medical advice to strangers is condescending and rude, dude. I recommend you don't do that. People will like you more.
Edited my last signal boosting post to include your auction post.

I wish we didn't have to keep doing this kind of stuff, but I'm glad we do it.
Yeah, me too.
So, is F-Bod at cafepress all hers? I'll send people there to buy stuff if that will help.
That is she. She has awesome stuff there, too.
Thank you for helping.


I was just trying to help and I dont mean to offend. It just makes me cringe when I hear of a woman considering a hysterectomy. It hits close to home as I've said.

Pretty sure I'm gonna piss someone off just for living. Can't say I'm too worried about it.

Re: Sorry

I understand the trigger issue at play, and it is very gracious of you to apologize.

But consider: it's her body, her illness, her decision, her diagnosis which she has no doubt discussed with her doctors, and her *life at stake*. You showed up with a facile answer, without any deep knowledge of the issue, *with the assumption that you knew what was best for her under those circumstances*, and started issuing moral imperatives.

...and you just don't DO stuff like that to people. It's inhumane.

Edited at 2010-02-05 04:50 am (UTC)
Been there, done that.
When you live in a country where everybody has social security paying for health bills, reading this type of appeal is painful.
Thanks. *g*
Throwing in the few dollars that I can for now, but I'm bookmarking her store on Zazzle so that I can celebrate with a purchase when I get the job offer I'm expecting.
Donated. Nobody should have to go without health insurance because they like to eat more than once or twice a week.
thank you.
Put my few pennies in the hat.

Maybe one day we'll have a kinder world.

Done and Done

Donated. Tweeted.

No one should have to suffer because they don't have health insurance. Thank you for bringing more light to her situation...

Re: Done and Done

thank YOU.
Shit. This shouldn't happen.

I'll give what I can. It isn't much, but hopefully it will help.

Would it be alright if I boosted the signal on my LJ/Twitter/Facebook?
I think it would be wonderful. And thank you.
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