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Charity Auction Central!

All right, guys.

I have two advance reader copies of Bone & Jewel Creatures in my hot little hands.

I'm auctioning them off for charity. (The actual ARCs are much plainer than this pretty thing, which is the actual book cover, but it's your chance to read it a little sooner and save a life in the process! And get a signed Advance Reading Copy, which is pretty damned cool.)

Basically, here's the deal:

Post your bids in the comments of this entry. Same bidding thread for both books, and at 11:59 pm EST Monday 8 February, the top two bidders will win. I'll throw in something extra for the person who bids highest, and I promise it will be cool. The proceeds of one of those bids will got to help pay hominysnark's medical bills. The proceeds of the other will go to Doctors Without Borders, because Haiti's falling out of the news, but they still need a lot of help down there, and while I give blood to the Red Cross, I have a hard time otherwise supporting them because of mismanagement issues.

The person who bids highest also gets to decide which cause they would prefer to support. The runner-up gets whatever the other cause is.

Please limit comments on this post to bids or questions about the auction.

Thanks so much! Be mighty!
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