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there's a ladder in my stocking you can climb

This morning, yoga and errands: now, work on Grail. Which I still keep calling Chill. Chill, the book that will not die.

I bought sandwich stuff for lunch, as rikibeth is coming back over today to wallow through more boxen.

My deal with myself is that if I get through two chapters of Grail, I can work on the vampire story that's still eating my head. It told me its title today, so obvious in retrospect. "Needles," of course.

And TBRE just brought me orange slices and pomegranate pips. I guess it's time to work now.

Tea today is jasmine green tea. Temperature this morning was 19 degrees.
Tags: jacob's ladder, near dark pastiche thingy, tea, the daily commute, the writer at work
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