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i'm a book-keeper's son. i don't wanna shoot no one.

Five things make a post!

1) I will be guest-blogging at Charlie's Diary (Charlie Stross's blog) next week. It will probably be more formal than my natterings here.

2) Sometime between now and midnight tomorrow, The Unicorn Evils goes live over at Shadow Unit. Even I don't know exactly when. It depends on the web ghoul's schedule and how fast Duane gets that copyedit done. This season, we will also (hopefully) be publishing a .pdf document along with the .html one. Watch this space!

3) I need to get out from under the cat and go for a run.

4) I think I'm taking the weekend off. And spending tomorrow pretending to be snowed in. Right now, I'm going to go for a run, and then I'm going to eat something, and then I'm going to buy caving gear because apparently I am going caving again on the 20th and I am not wading through snowmelt without neoprene booties.

4.1) Then I'm going to a Brazilian barbecue with some friends, where I will perforce eat a hell of a lot of dead cow.

4.2) I will not be attending Boskone. However, I have plans to make a flyby of the con on the 13th or 14th and hold down a table in the bar for a few hours, and I would love to see any friends or acquaintances who might be hanging around the con.

5) I did a little spreadsheet magic last night and realized that for the last four years, I have averaged--averaged--772 words of new draft a day. That's all. Three pages and a bit.

*looks at bookshelf*

See, when I say I'm not a fast writer, I mean it. But persistence is worth something: It adds up, guys.

And on that note, right, run.

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