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and i fall

Tonight at the climbing gym while I was waiting for the The Jeff, I had my spinning out and was playing with it (the current fiber is some pewter-black alpaca I love for its long staple length, and because it's the exact same color as my dog) when one of the other climber girls (We'll call her Kate, because that's her name, unless it's Cait or Cate) came up and said "OMG you spin!"

I wanted to come home and tell jmeadows all about it, but alas, she seems to be Off The Internets! So I am telling livejournal instead.

It turns out Kate is quite the fiber arts diva. She showed me a beautiful scarf she handspun and wove, and was inviting me to her knitting and spinning groups, and I have a distinct sense I have made a friend.

Pretty awesome.

Knitting still isn't me. But weaving. Hmm. Weaving.

(Climbing went okay. Still thrashing on that new route, but I did another new route, one that's all opposition, and I did a 5.9+ on the same wall as a 5.9 I've been failing and failing on. It was easier, although I did dog on the rope after every damn move, and cheated some, too, and thrashed in between.)

Probably won't climb Wednesday, as the snowpocalypse is nigh.

And now, back to Grail.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks, finger-pricking in five-four-three
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