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and the boys upstairs just don't understand any more

1023 words on Grail just now, which is wholly respectable. That puts me at 250 pages, which means that when I have finished filling in this thread that I need to write in the front part of the book, I will be more or less at the climax. Which is about how it should work, I think. Because I had just gotten to the first major escalation when I realized I had issues with the first half--no, that's wrong, I knew all along hat I had issues with the first half, but getting to the first major escalation and getting stuck and going to the notecards showed me how to fix them--I should, in fact, just have a lot of boom and screaming to write when I get back there again.

This is, in other words, going quite well right just this second.

That might not last.

I think part of the problem I had with Chill was that I got so invested in writing forward on it that I forgot that I work best in an iterative fashion, circling back over and over and getting a feel for the structure an revising and reworking as I go. Really, you would think by now I would know better than to try to force my brain into a linear pattern, but even people who know better can get suckered into trying to write "the right way," and of course whoever set up those arbitrary rules for what's right and what's wrong was just discussing what worked--or what they wished would work--for them.

250 / 400 pages. 63% done!
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