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stab a knife in my heart

Bear: Okay, brain. Time to work on Grail now.

Bear's brain: But surely we need to do laundry, or schedule an appointment with the appliance repair people, or make bread, or go for a run, or--

Bear: No, brain, we did all those things already.

Bear's brain: There's a new Hustle to watch!

Bear: Work first, play later.

Bear's brain: Isn't there some kind of snowpocalypse prep we need to be doing?

Bear: We don't need to leave this house until noon on Thursday. Nice try. Work, you.

Bear's brain: What if we brush the dog while we watch Hustle? What if--

Bear: WORK!

Bear's brain: Sure. As soon as I finish this blog entry.

Tags: the writer at work

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