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a lie will take a lot less time

A 1.6 mile run is starting to be become trivial, which is nice. (Except the big hill, which I should really force myself to at least jog up.) Except it's not really enough exercise anymore to interrupt the Crabbiness Cycle. *sigh*

Gonna have to push it to two miles, I guess. OTOH, I've been under sixteen stone for two days in a row, which is like encouragement. (Just under; just barely.)

Climbing tonight is cancelled due to snowpocalypse, which is actually kind of a relief. I'm feeling massively overbooked.

The first flakes of the latest snowpocalypse have started. In a minute here I'm going to go shower, dress, make tea, eat something, and get started on Grail. Yesterday I edited what I have of chapters 6 and 7. Today I need to add a scene to chapter 7.

Repair guy is supposed to come today for the washer/dryer, though they never did call to schedule a time. I got a confirmation email, though. Guess I better get that shower done, huh?
Tags: get out in the park, project: less-of-me, quotidiana, snowpocalypse now, the daily commute, the writer at work

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