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bear by san

March 2017



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a lie will take a lot less time

A 1.6 mile run is starting to be become trivial, which is nice. (Except the big hill, which I should really force myself to at least jog up.) Except it's not really enough exercise anymore to interrupt the Crabbiness Cycle. *sigh*

Gonna have to push it to two miles, I guess. OTOH, I've been under sixteen stone for two days in a row, which is like encouragement. (Just under; just barely.)

Climbing tonight is cancelled due to snowpocalypse, which is actually kind of a relief. I'm feeling massively overbooked.

The first flakes of the latest snowpocalypse have started. In a minute here I'm going to go shower, dress, make tea, eat something, and get started on Grail. Yesterday I edited what I have of chapters 6 and 7. Today I need to add a scene to chapter 7.

Repair guy is supposed to come today for the washer/dryer, though they never did call to schedule a time. I got a confirmation email, though. Guess I better get that shower done, huh?


Running up the "big hill" is optional really.

The problem with walking up a hill is that you tend to slow down even more than you would if you were running and that it can be hard to find the motivation to start running again at the top. So as long as
a) you walk up it fast and
b) as soon as it flattens out you start running again
then you're allowed to walk up the hill.

Also as you get fitter and faster you'll be able to run up it anyway so its a nice idea to set increasing goals ("I'll run up to the first fence post", "I'll run up to the stop sign", "I'll run uo to the gate of #331") and before you know it you'll be running all the way up.

Ditto with the 2 miles thing. I don't know your route but adding a little bit day by day is a good way to build up distance.
just huffed and puffed my way through a 1.84 mile (yay google maps) run (slow jog, with a couple stops for shoelaces) with my housemate, first cardio in ages, between the holidays and being sick and whatnot.

Good job on the running getting easier, and yes, time to up the distance. Or start jogging up really steep hills... :)

Don't get snowed in!
Go you!
snowpocalypse, thou hast forsaken us!