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bear by san

March 2017



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have you got itchy bones and all your time alone?

Oh, dear.

Everything I'm wearing either came from Lands' End or Eastern Mountain Sports, except the camisole and underpants.

...when did I turn into one of those?



I have those days, though in my case the lines are usually Long Tall Sally and Dorothy Perkins (which are both I think solely British). But they fit... That's my excuse, anyway.
Mine was more like... when did I turn into a jock? *g*
They are comfortable and come in tall sizes!
They stand up to the abuse I put my clothing through!
Also, Lands' End women's sizes FIT MY SHOULDERS.

I frequently do double-takes when I realize that everything I'm wearing is from Carhartt, with the usual exception of underthings and t-shirt.
Everything I'm wearing, except my underwear, is from Goodwill. :)
I still have a closet full of stuff I got from Goodwill, back in the day. I should really pitch 90% of it, because none of it fits very well (And never has: Lands' End is the *only* American clothing manufacturer I have found whose women's clothing fits my shoulders; worldwide, I've also had luck with H&M and Cotton Ginny) and none of it is appropriate to the life I lead these days.

The goth clothes stay, though.
I was going to say, when you stopped having to dress like a Corporate!Goth and were able to expand your shopping options beyond Goodwill.

Not that I'm knocking Goodwill. Exhibit A, the vintage 1950s black cocktail dress with the knife-pleated skirt, $5. But my shoulders are narrow and better suited to vintage finds.

And Lands' End and EMS are comfortable, durable, and usefully unremakable in the Northeast in a way that a salwar suit is not. While those are comfortable, modest, and pretty, and would probably do quite well in winter with the addition of longjohns, they do mark a white chick as somewhat eccentric, or at the very least a Damned Hippie.

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And Lands' End has henleys. *g*
This is humorous to me, since all of my Lands End clothing came from the Goodwill (still in marvelous shape despite being worn long enough to get thrifted, I might add).
Personally, I prefer Salvation Army. They tend to have a better quality of donations around here.

On the other hand, I'm currently wearing socks and underwear from Meijers, slacks from Old Navy, a padded plaid shirt from Kohls, and a t-shirt from a rummage sale. Heh.
It's all about the neighborhood. While I can find serviceable things and the occasional random piece of awesome at the SA in the unfashionable area near my house, if I go to the Goodwill in a nearby Expensive Suburb, I find an overall higher quality of discard. The Hadassah thrift shop was a REALLY amazing goldmine before it closed or moved elsewhere. Leather miniskirt for $4!
Lands'End and Wintersilks are my mainstays.
A good 50% of my wardrobe is leftover from my stint as a CSR for a women's sportswear catalogue (because it was free, remains comfortable, and has stood up to my hard-on-clothes lifestyle for several years). I'm in dire need of new jeans, though, and considering trying Lands' End. They should really be paying you.
hah! I'm sure the wonder of discovering clothing that actually fits will wear off eventually, but right now I am an evangelist. THESE JEANS HAVE POCKETS! And COVER MY ASS. THE WHOLE ASS!
Your excitement is totally understandable. These qualities are all amazing and elusive in my experience. The main reason I haven't already ordered is superstitious fear that this magic will only work for people who aren't me.
You can order by... get this... waist measurement and inseam. You just look up your waist and hip on the size chart, et voila!
I usually wear guy shirts, because of my sholders. But then the arms are too long. What Landsends shirts do you like? Perhaps they would fit me, too.
I like their turtlenecks and henleys. I wear a woman's large or extra large, depending (the large can be a little short in the sleeves on me, but I have an Ape Index of +2 or better)--from other manufacturers I often have to wear 1x or 2x, and that means that the chest and torso hang like barley sacks.

except the camisole and underpants.
...when did I turn into one of those?

reading this as a run on sentance, I first thought you were either a camisole or underpants today. My drugs are really working well this morning.
Leave out the Eastern Mountain Sports, and you've described my wardrobe. Lands' End is comfortable, always uses the same sizing, and is very durable. Oh, and it's pretty conservative.
Hee. Mine's in the other direction: I open up my closet and am like everything I have is office clothes . When did I turn into one of those?
Lessee, REI boots, Cabelas wool socks, REI hiking pants, random plaid flannel shirt... me too!
I so wish EMS still had a store in the area. Some of my favorite clothing came from them. We do have REI, and I get some things there, but mostly Lands End overstocks. And the local and fabulous Midwest Mountaineering. And garage sales.