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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds rossi tv

"Indulge me."

Criminal Minds 05x15, "Public Enemy," written by Jess Prenter Prosser, directed by Nelson McCormick

Well, that is bloody, Especially for a show that usually privileges the arabesque over the grotesque. My heart hurts for the competent priest.

Why is Reid asking basic questions when he has demonstrated that he knows background on the case?


Prentiss spots the disconnect. That's my girl. Thinking in the crapper.

Catholic agent meets Catholic priest. Piousness ensues.

Redheaded Garcia, still too hot for words.

JJ+Morgan in the field together = win. I am unfond of the victim's wife until she sucks it up and cowboys up.

Cognitive interview! Drink!

Rossi playing the role of the dead man and the UNSUB--he's taking both Gideon's and Morgan's place.

Greenscreen! Drink! This is all quite nice.

Also liking Emily and the COTW. And Rossi notices the Italian connection.

UNSUB's POV kind of reminiscent of "True Night."

I'm getting restless for some development on the Hotch arc. And this tension with JJ and the victim's family feels artificial.

"If we hadn't listened to them, Liddy and I would be having our morning cup of coffee." With the UNSUB.

Yeah, I knew I never liked Meg.

And the team gets no cooperation from the locals. That's unusual.

*snrch* !Kevin Spacey UNSUB. I swear this story feels familiar....

This is a strange-feeling episode, not as emotionally integrated as I expect of this show. But it does come together in the fifth act.

Morgan, don't put your hand on your headset. Undercover 101.

Tackle! Drink! (Extra points for tackling the UNSUB and a taxi at once. I also like how Morgan runs after the bad guy and everybody else follows at a leisurely and considered pace.)

"There are lots of ways that sons defeat their fathers." (ow, Hotch)
"I just kept getting Ph.D.s." (It's nice to see Reid is not over his bitchiness about his dad. There is not enough bitchiness in the WORLD for Reid's dad.)
...*snrch* Okay, the episode has a moment of win. But that sense of surfaciness, predictability, and arbitraryness carries. Scenes of the community carrying on at the end seem very formulaic, and this one just never came together for me. Tension lagging!

Well, THAT was cursory.


"Does the son of a sociopath ever have a chance?"
*immediate cut over to Hotch* *I shake fist at world in joyous defiance*
(Although I've been told I may have hallucinated that editing choice.)
I felt so spoiled with the whole opening Hotch arc, that I'm gathering all the small moments I can find for now. Thomas being good at his job in the background makes it that easier.

I'm just really really glad they chose not to have a murder at a bus stop. *shivers* And good COTWs make everything better. Now that they had Wild Bill, they need Joe Toye, 'cause I can't watch Kirk Acevedo on Fringe any more.
It was all just really, really flat for me this week.
He wasn't actually a competent priest. A competent Catholic priest would have been administering the Last Rites.
Forgive me, but I honestly would prefer one who yelled for 911 and tried to stop the bleeding.

But then, I tend to think religion is dumb. I just keep it to myself because I know other people find it useful for some reason.
Did Rossi make a special note to make sure that the UNSUB wound up in the same prison as his father sooner rather than later?

If not, chalk it up to yet another slightly odd editing choice for this ep.
Given that Rhode Island is the size of my back yard, there may only be one maximum security prison.

At least the New England accents weren't too bad. One or two of them even sounded vaguely like Rhode Island.
I very much enjoyed Morgan vs. Unsub vs. the taxi, and Reid's snarky Ph.D. collecting.

I was a bit surprised that they didn't try to do a cognitive interview with the girl a la Bloodline & Cate Hale, given that the daughter actually saw the Unsub.

Penelope's wearing MAC lipstick in Cyber again, I think.
Is that what that is? Because I noticed and admired it. Something to buy with a paycheck when I'm out of the hole.

I'm with Bear. This episode was filler.
Scenes of the community carrying on at the end seem very formulaic...

I thought the scene where they showed the check - and very clearly who it was from and how much it was for - was also especially typical TV rather than typical CM.
I saw it was from Rossi, but I didn't see what it as for. College fund?
Is it just me, or does Shemar Moore have weapons-grade eyebrows of hawtness? They're perfectly groomed tildes. The whole first scene, all I could do was stare at his eyebrows. They're like a whole separate character.
Morgan is a Vulcan. It explains his superhuman awesomeness.
Reminded me a LOT of the episode about the arsonist who set fires in the small town theater, etc. Constant comparisons between the slasher and arsonists only emphasized the similarities.
Did anyone else get the impression that for the UnSub, the entire point of the exercise was to get sent to prison in order to shank his father?
That's exactly what I was wondering.
My biggest question with the episode is why did the unsub attack women if he was just getting back at his father? His father killed his mother, it would stand to reason that he would take his anger out on men instead of women. Did his mother not try to protect him? Is that why he killed 2 women? I thought the plot for this episode was muddled and we never got a clear sense of why the unsub went on a killing spree. His father was going to be patrolled and that's what set him off? Why not wait until his father got out of prison to off him? Too many questions for me to really enjoy the episode.
It was a bit filler, but we had Awesome!Dave being awesome, which is totally made of win, IMO.

And we had Hotch calling him "Dave", which I'm sure needs to be in the drinking game, if it isn't already *g*

There wasn't enough Reid or Garcia for my liking, but I did love her saying "Aye, aye Captain" to Hotch. And the PhD snark was beyond awesome.

I thought the Communion card and cheque was a nice touch.

The son killing the father was totally a neon sign, even without them telling us.

As for the father/son sociopath remark, for some reason I forgot Hotch's dad and thought of Jack and went "Bwuh?" so that editorial cut was a bit obvious, even to someone as uncritical in their viewing as me, even if I was too tired to get the point properly *g*
I loved Reid's PhD comment and am satisfied that at least for him and William (aka his sperm donor) they didn't all live happily ever after...that would definitely be too pat and predictable. And interesting that Hotch started the conversation - if his father was abusive as we have been led to believe, he actually took his father's violence and topped it when he killed Foyet with his bare hands. Not that anyone would blame him, hell I'd have helped him if I could, but during that scenario he became much worse than his father. That was the most interesting scene in this show for me; I mostly found it boring except for the killing in the church (very unexpected) but I saw the cop's murder a mile away as soon as began to confront the unsub. That was very predictable in a show from which I expect the unpredictable.
I resisted seeing this show for a while. Now watching and am having a really hard time understanding the various office relationships. Indeed, I am almost ready to give up on the whole thing. This last ep was, um, err.

As above I liked the episode, but found it a bit lacking. First Communion in Lent pissed me off. I have noticed that American Catholic churches are slightly different to Irish ones (meaning the country not the culture) for example we only drink wine at Communion for marriage (bride and groom only) and at Easter. First Confession is usually in March but always before First Communion and First Communion is ALWAYS ALWAYS in May.

I did like that they had Ash Wednesday being 'in a week' which gave me a squee of 'it is good for them keeping track of time' but celebratory events weddings, first communions are Never held in Lent, we don't even sing or say 'he is risen from the dead' in Mass.
I read it as the murder taking place on Sunday 7th Feb (ie when the priest said that Ash Wednesday was 'next week' he was either talking on the Monday (I forget) or considering Sunday as the first day of the week) and then being solved in the following days; and First Communion taking place in the days following that resolution but prior to Ash Wednesday.
The thing that signaled most strongly to me that the show was being sloppy, was that we've had two UNSUBs in a row who we were meant to recognize by the marks on their hands. And not just both having marks: very similar marks, in identical locations, obviously chosen to be visible to the same kind of camera angles, and used within the episode for some identical purposes.

In Parasite, the UNSUB had the long nail scratches across the web of his thumb; in Public Enemy the UNSUB had a long, narrow scar in precisely the same place.

Which gave the impression that they phoned it in. Two episodes in a row: "Who is this guy? He's raising his hands and the camera is zeroing in on them for us-- Hey! It's that mark on his hand! This is the UNSUB!"