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Criminal Minds 05x15, "Public Enemy," written by Jess Prenter Prosser, directed by Nelson McCormick

Well, that is bloody, Especially for a show that usually privileges the arabesque over the grotesque. My heart hurts for the competent priest.

Why is Reid asking basic questions when he has demonstrated that he knows background on the case?


Prentiss spots the disconnect. That's my girl. Thinking in the crapper.

Catholic agent meets Catholic priest. Piousness ensues.

Redheaded Garcia, still too hot for words.

JJ+Morgan in the field together = win. I am unfond of the victim's wife until she sucks it up and cowboys up.

Cognitive interview! Drink!

Rossi playing the role of the dead man and the UNSUB--he's taking both Gideon's and Morgan's place.

Greenscreen! Drink! This is all quite nice.

Also liking Emily and the COTW. And Rossi notices the Italian connection.

UNSUB's POV kind of reminiscent of "True Night."

I'm getting restless for some development on the Hotch arc. And this tension with JJ and the victim's family feels artificial.

"If we hadn't listened to them, Liddy and I would be having our morning cup of coffee." With the UNSUB.

Yeah, I knew I never liked Meg.

And the team gets no cooperation from the locals. That's unusual.

*snrch* !Kevin Spacey UNSUB. I swear this story feels familiar....

This is a strange-feeling episode, not as emotionally integrated as I expect of this show. But it does come together in the fifth act.

Morgan, don't put your hand on your headset. Undercover 101.

Tackle! Drink! (Extra points for tackling the UNSUB and a taxi at once. I also like how Morgan runs after the bad guy and everybody else follows at a leisurely and considered pace.)

"There are lots of ways that sons defeat their fathers." (ow, Hotch)
"I just kept getting Ph.D.s." (It's nice to see Reid is not over his bitchiness about his dad. There is not enough bitchiness in the WORLD for Reid's dad.)
...*snrch* Okay, the episode has a moment of win. But that sense of surfaciness, predictability, and arbitraryness carries. Scenes of the community carrying on at the end seem very formulaic, and this one just never came together for me. Tension lagging!

Well, THAT was cursory.
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