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The Daily Commute 2010 02 03 002
Heck of a nice snowpocalypse you got here. Shame if anything... happened... to it.

Well, we got about a half inch of crunchy ice and an inch of fluffy snow atop that. Sort of a disappointment, but it does mean I can do the stuff I wanted to do today (including the annual February trip to Logee's greenhouse with batwrangler to bask in the tropical foliage, though I can't seem to keep plants alive in this house. Too cold, not enough light. Very sad.).

Supposed to be in the mid thirties and sunny today, so even this little dusting won't last.

Maybe New England has just... forgotten... how to snow. (Oh no, honey, I didn't mean that. It's just a... a slump. You've been rocking the bitter cold.)

My goal for today, workwise, is to get the next chapter of Chill edited and fill in any bits I need to add. It might even happen.

The appliance service people never showed up yesterday, and nor did they call. Guess I need to find a different company. Bah! (I know, unreliable appliance guy. What is the world coming to?)

I hear birds singing in the yard. Apparently they decided it was nicer here than in the southlands!
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