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i've been a temptress too long

Managed to hash my way through what is currently Ch. 8 of Grail, and realized that I need some more Investigations before I get to the conference, and there's some travel time to fill, so something needs to go before it. This darned book refuses to be written in order, and I really need a nap.

What I've got is pretty good. It's just that I left most of the book out when I wrote it, apparently.

I keep pecking away, though. And my next peck is going to be the partially-completed chapter formerly known as Ch. 9. Which I can probably get through before I pack up.

Moar tea please.

ETA: Yep, done with that. Now I need to write the new Ch. 8, as soon as I figure out what happens in it, and then go back and finish the new Ch. 10. These are things that may happen tomorrow, because they qare unlikely to happen today.

Tags: jacob's ladder, nibbled to death by ducks, the writer at work

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