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and turns me to gold in the sunlight

Today was one of those days that just got away. In some ways it was very productive--batwrangler and I hauled a cord of wood, we visited Logee's Greenhouse, I got through a chapter and a half of Grail, we had some excruciatingly bad Thai food for late lunch/early dinner, and I came to a resolution.handspun cashmere

The resolution is, the deathmarch to finish Grail begins tomorrow. Enough faffing about: I need this book written. There's only 150 pages left, and I can do 150 pages, by god. I'm Elizabeth fucking Bear, I can write 150 pages in 19 days. I need this draft out of my life.


So there's that.

There are also a bunch of pretty photos of plants, and hey, asciikitty, there's also a pretty ball of cashmere too small to make anything out of! It is pretty, though, and very soft. My mother was making noises about very small fingerless mitts.

I've started on the alpaca, which is Ace-colored and amuses me.

Here are some pictures of plants. (There's also a set with all the Logee's photos, if you follow back.) I bought a winter jasmine and a caracara orange. Still trying to figure out how to keep plants alive in this cold, dark house with Destructo The Kitten at large...

Logees 2010 02 11 059  Logees 2010 02 11 053  Logees 2010 02 11 052  Logees 2010 02 11 044  Logees 2010 02 11 024

(That last thing is a lemon, by the way. Yes, it is that big. This is one heck of a greenhouse, and every time I visit it, it confirms my desire to have a conservatory to write in.)
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