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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek player king

if i'm telling you the truth right now, do you believe it?

I am skipping yoga class today in favor of deathmarch. So the schedule is now: get dressed, run, shower, deathmarch, lunch, deathmarch again, yoga, dinner, deathmarch, fall over. We're hoping for at least twelve pages today.

Also, the guy to fix the washer and dryer is coming this afternoon.

rikibeth, this means Indian food for lunch instead of sushi. I hope you can adapt! (There is home-made bread, however.) I also need to remember to put books and ARCs and pens in envelopes to be mailed.


I'm up. I'm up.


Good luck with the deathmarch. Try not to, y'know, die.
Once more into the breach, dear Bear!
You amaze me every day. Go dog go! Anyone who makes me home-made bread is a hero, too.

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What is your single best day page count? Also do you prefer to measure your progress by pages assuming the 250 word page, or do you fall back to word count?


Re: Question

Not a clue, actually. My best days tend to be somewhere around 6K, but those happen a couple of times a year and they're painful. I'm not one of these writers who can reliably pull 10K out of her ass.

As for the other, I maintain that a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. *g* I don't do anything else the same way twice.

Wordcount is at best a badly broken metric, anyway. Mostly, I log it because it quiets down the guilt gorilla if I can look at a spreadsheet that shows I worked every day, all month, so there.

Re: Question

Thanks for the feed back. I am a published game developer and I have the odd bit of poetry or short story published in small press, but I am making the push over into novels since Oct. I have been struggling with that consistent writing myself. I find I writing nothing for days, then sit down and churn out 15 or 20 pages at a sitting for a few nights in a row. I am sitting about about 75k words/310 pages on a story that shows every indication of heading for the 450 page mark based on current run rate.

I am still trying to find my pacing and figure out if that is just how my creative side works or if I need to push myself to be more consistent with the whole 6 - 10 pages a night mantra I get some other writing friends.

Good luck on the DeathMarch, don't fall down, I hear they beat you with bamboo canes of guilt and ignominy.

Re: Question

Dude. There are a million ways to write a story, and all the ones that result in a finished product more or less on deadline are right. Whatever works for you, do it, and don't let anybody else dictate your process.