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it doesn't matter how you hide. we'll find you if we're wanting you.

Deathmarch Metrics, 2:00 pm 12 February 2010

Manuscript stands at: 255 pages/49,163 words
Words added: 466
Hours since Deathmarch Commencement: 7
Sleep: 0
Sustenance: whole wheat pasta w/cheese and chicken marinara; half a ham sandwich; dried apricots; water;
Tea: Twinings Earl Grey
Liquor: n/a
Exercise: Ran two miles
Dancing: in my head
Distractions: Dryer repair guy be fixin' my dryer. The GRD brought him a stuffie in case he needed it for anything.
Current project: Describing Tristen's bedroom.
Tags: grail deathmarch 2010, just slide flat food under the door

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