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thought i saw blood turn to wine a vision from the angel wars

Deathmarch Metrics, 4:30 pm 12 February 2010

Manuscript stands at: 257 pages/49,735 words
Words added: 1,036
Hours since Deathmarch Commencement: 9.5
Sleep: 0
Sustenance: whole wheat pasta w/cheese and chicken marinara; half a ham sandwich; dried apricots; water; chicken curry; reall good hand-made Belgian dark chocolate from the amazing place down the street
Tea: Twinings Earl Grey; water
Liquor: 1 shot Sortilege, delivered by TBRE just now.
Exercise: Ran two miles; climbed for 2 hours, some yoga;
Dancing: in my head
Distractions: Roomie came home and abducted me for climbing.
Other work: packaged up piles and piles of stuff for rikibeth to mail
Current project: getting the CSI team into further trouble.
Darling: The necromancer smiled. "Death is my middle name."

Off to go climb now. Deathmarch resumes when I return.

(oops, forgot to post this. Deathmarch!)
Tags: grail deathmarch 2010, just slide flat food under the door
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