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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop chairman of the bored

trying to live without your love is one long sleepless night

My flist is full of book finishin' determination today. It's inspiring.

I will not be finishing a book today. I am contemplating, in fact, whether I will even try to finish this chapter. I'm in the last scene, but I don't know exactly what Mallory finds under the hydroponics bench.

In any case, after this post, the deathmarch is officially suspended until Monday morning, 7 am. (with possible delays for staying up too damned late at Boskone.)

Deathmarch Metrics, 8:17 pm 13 February 2010
Manuscript stands at: 275 / 53000
Words added: 4336
Hours since Deathmarch Commencement: 37.25
Sleep: 7.5
Bathing: (1) shower
Sustenance: whole wheat pasta w/cheese and chicken marinara; half a ham sandwich; dried apricots; water; chicken curry; really good hand-made Belgian dark chocolate from the amazing place down the street; almond butter and blueberry jam on whole wheat shoggoth bread; papadom; roasted root vegetables; a handful of nutritional supplements; black bean brownie; meatloaf, bread, and spinach;
Tea: Twinings Earl Grey; water; Blue Lady (the grapefruit version, not the coconut); Twinings Prince of Wales
Liquor: 1 shot Sortilege; 1 Midas Touch
Exercise: ran two miles (x2); climbed for 2 hours*, some yoga, more yoga
Dancing: not as such
Distractions: hello. starving.
Other work: n/a
Mean things: a stiff dick has no conscience
Current project: So this character is totally projecting. I wonder if anybody will notice.
Darling: "Living things are not my specialty," Mallory admitted.

Best. Necromancer. Ever.


I thought of you today! There was a 2" square picture of Mr. Osterberg's amazing shirtless abdomen on Le Monde's website today and I *recognized* it. (Alas, it did not do a trick.)
It pretty much does a trick every time he takes a breath....
So true! ::stares some more::
Just today I discovered the wonderful amazingness that is pure blueberry jam. It is now my favourite jam. (Red and black raspberry were my previous favourites, but they are now tied for second place.) So yummy!

*runs off to have some on Ritz*
What is shuggoth bread, and by what devices does one coax it into the oven?