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trying to live without your love is one long sleepless night

My flist is full of book finishin' determination today. It's inspiring.

I will not be finishing a book today. I am contemplating, in fact, whether I will even try to finish this chapter. I'm in the last scene, but I don't know exactly what Mallory finds under the hydroponics bench.

In any case, after this post, the deathmarch is officially suspended until Monday morning, 7 am. (with possible delays for staying up too damned late at Boskone.)

Deathmarch Metrics, 8:17 pm 13 February 2010
Manuscript stands at: 275 / 53000
Words added: 4336
Hours since Deathmarch Commencement: 37.25
Sleep: 7.5
Bathing: (1) shower
Sustenance: whole wheat pasta w/cheese and chicken marinara; half a ham sandwich; dried apricots; water; chicken curry; really good hand-made Belgian dark chocolate from the amazing place down the street; almond butter and blueberry jam on whole wheat shoggoth bread; papadom; roasted root vegetables; a handful of nutritional supplements; black bean brownie; meatloaf, bread, and spinach;
Tea: Twinings Earl Grey; water; Blue Lady (the grapefruit version, not the coconut); Twinings Prince of Wales
Liquor: 1 shot Sortilege; 1 Midas Touch
Exercise: ran two miles (x2); climbed for 2 hours*, some yoga, more yoga
Dancing: not as such
Distractions: hello. starving.
Other work: n/a
Mean things: a stiff dick has no conscience
Current project: So this character is totally projecting. I wonder if anybody will notice.
Darling: "Living things are not my specialty," Mallory admitted.

Best. Necromancer. Ever.
Tags: grail deathmarch 2010, just slide flat food under the door
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