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and it's march, march, april may june july

7 am Monday morning: deathmarch resumes.

I'd so much rather be doing anything else that my brain is all like Hey Bear! Let's got for a run! But there's climbing on the schedule for tonight and I have to give the ankles a break once in a while, and anyway that time is allotted to the evil that is the book. (The book must die)

Today, the goal is to finish writing the new Chapter 8, write the interlude that follows it, and get through editing Ch. 9 and what there is of Ch. 10. If I get lucky, I might finish the scene in Ch. 10 that I know the ending of, too. But not if I don't get started.

23 degrees today--it's positively balmy.
Tags: grail deathmarch 2010, just slide flat food under the door

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