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bear by san

March 2017



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put the coffee on, but the pot ain’t clean

2300 words more or less on Grail today, bringing me to 287 pages. The deathmarch continues apace. I think I will skip over this interludy bit and figure out what goes here later, then come back to it. I appear to have plot, however, and forward momentum, and tension and so forth.

Getting the antagonist on screen always does a world of good. Why is it so hard?

287 / 400 words. 72% done!

Oh, look at that. That's so satisfying. This is why we deathmarch, this right here.

Of course it's a terrible draft full of bracket notes and sentences like, "He was as angry as [figure out a simile that doesn't suck later]." But sometimes that's how we deathmarch.

Now I'm going to work on inserting a transition into Ch. 10, and see if after climbing I can finish the scene that will make it a whole grown-up chapter, able to stand on its own.


That is excellent progress.
Angry cat is angry!

I'll slide under some (f)latkes.
"He was as angry as an author lacking an appropriate simile."

Though probably in that case "frustrated" would be more likely than angry.
One of the reasons I love reading your writing posts and death marches is, though you are am amazing published author and I am not, we both put ridiculous things in brackets. It's nice to know that successful writers also do stuff like that.

You have great facility in filling those in later with stuff that doesn't suck.
I'm pretty sure that MOST writers do that. Also [fuckit figure out later]. It's a survival skill.
A friend of mine, when she was a TA, actually and classically received a student's paper with "[insert more bullshit here]" still in it.
This is why it is crucial to do a "find" on square brackets before handing anything in!
Not just in fiction writing. I don't even want to hazard a guess as to how much software goes out the door littered with TODO and FIXTHIS comments.

Of course, usually the customers don't get to read the source code. Usually.
Yes, reading your LJ lately has been making me feel a lot better about my own writing methods! I hope you're going to keep this up through the revision process so I can learn the Magick Sekrit of how to fill in later with the aforementioned stuff that does not suck.

(Yes, I already suspect this has something to do with perseverance...)
Heh. yeah, that's pretty much writing in a nutshell.

And yes, I do mostly blog my professional life here....