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put the coffee on, but the pot ain’t clean

2300 words more or less on Grail today, bringing me to 287 pages. The deathmarch continues apace. I think I will skip over this interludy bit and figure out what goes here later, then come back to it. I appear to have plot, however, and forward momentum, and tension and so forth.

Getting the antagonist on screen always does a world of good. Why is it so hard?

287 / 400 words. 72% done!

Oh, look at that. That's so satisfying. This is why we deathmarch, this right here.

Of course it's a terrible draft full of bracket notes and sentences like, "He was as angry as [figure out a simile that doesn't suck later]." But sometimes that's how we deathmarch.

Now I'm going to work on inserting a transition into Ch. 10, and see if after climbing I can finish the scene that will make it a whole grown-up chapter, able to stand on its own.
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