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and with no one to lose you said you feel like a bruise

Too tired to deathmarch after climbing. But I did get my second 5.10 tonight (also on the slab--kind of an insanely sparse and sketchy route, but I rock the slab) and re-sent the 5.9 I've been working on (better this time than last). Tried another 5.9 (one I've failed on a lot and continued to fail on) and a 5.9+ I did last week and could not do tonight. Also tried a new 5.9+ and got a few moves up it. Brutal. There's a new 5.8 I wanted to try, but the rope was busy all night. And then I ran laps up some 5.6s and crawled out, exhausted.

I guess I will finish Chapter 10 tomorrow. Though I have deathmarched a sufficient distance that I feel as if the deadly pressure is off, I would still like a draft by month's end. Because then I can sleep for a week and start working on some of these short stories.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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