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Well, I'm six episodes into Castle, and it's not too bad so far. If this is what the general public thinks the writer life is like (see also: NCIS) no wonder they're confused about how much we're making off ebook sales.

It's kind of the House thing--the characters (with the exception of Beckett, who is a terrible stereotype but the actress is doing her best with her, and of Alexis) are so unlikable that I don't actually have to invest in any of them. But since I'm not big on watching other people suffer, it loses the joy-of-schadenfreude aspect for me.

It does confirm my suspicion that what Firefly badly needed was a Wookiee, however, because I find I enjoy the show most during those moments when Beckett is handing Castle his head.

Castle needs to work on his ergo if he's going to have any wrists left in ten years. Also, man, I hope those are the publisher's titles, or I have lost all respect for him, even as a pulp author.

Castle's screen saver, however, has great verisimilitude.

I wish my book launches came with paparazzi.

Actually, you know, maybe I don't.

Checking my log, it's been 9 days since my last day off (and technically speaking, I wrote 500 words after midnight last night), so I think I'm going to take at least the morning off and indulge in more formulaic TV and a lot of tea. Peer pressure may engage me to write later, I imagine.

No running today. I'm tired, and there will be climbing tonight and possibly running tomorrow.
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