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bear by san

March 2017



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Well, I'm six episodes into Castle, and it's not too bad so far. If this is what the general public thinks the writer life is like (see also: NCIS) no wonder they're confused about how much we're making off ebook sales.

It's kind of the House thing--the characters (with the exception of Beckett, who is a terrible stereotype but the actress is doing her best with her, and of Alexis) are so unlikable that I don't actually have to invest in any of them. But since I'm not big on watching other people suffer, it loses the joy-of-schadenfreude aspect for me.

It does confirm my suspicion that what Firefly badly needed was a Wookiee, however, because I find I enjoy the show most during those moments when Beckett is handing Castle his head.

Castle needs to work on his ergo if he's going to have any wrists left in ten years. Also, man, I hope those are the publisher's titles, or I have lost all respect for him, even as a pulp author.

Castle's screen saver, however, has great verisimilitude.

I wish my book launches came with paparazzi.

Actually, you know, maybe I don't.

Checking my log, it's been 9 days since my last day off (and technically speaking, I wrote 500 words after midnight last night), so I think I'm going to take at least the morning off and indulge in more formulaic TV and a lot of tea. Peer pressure may engage me to write later, I imagine.

No running today. I'm tired, and there will be climbing tonight and possibly running tomorrow.


"Castle" does for writer's salaries the exact inverse of what "Friends" did for Manhattan apartments.
I always wonder where the heck Castle gets the time to write, what with all the hanging about with detectives.
He writes more than Jessica Fletcher ever did.
I absolutely adore "Castle"--not because it's realistic, but because it's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously (but never descends into CSI territory with the blaming of murder victims thing). I also love that Alexis is a well-adjusted teenaged girl with good relationships with the adults in her life. It's a refreshing change from the usual on television.

And: Nathan Fillion. That excuses a multitude of sins in my book.
Huh. I was all set for you to hate it.
It's no worse than Leverage. The real New York has a lot more brown people in it, though.

It's not, you know, actively BAD television, like NCIS or CSI: NY.

It's just exceedingly formulaic.
If you don't build in time off, your brain will call a strike. And that's just humiliating. In other words--she who writes and watches formulaic TV, lives to write another, er, day. (I never said I was a poet, did I?)
It's true! And I can make a list of things never to do in fiction!

(Tough female cop whose parent died traumatically. Check.)
Castle just gets better and better. This season has been absolutely amazing. The writers never take the easy way out. The characters never make the easy decisions. Things do not always wrap up neatly.

Sure, from a writer perspective I'm sure it's crap, but it's just damn fun.

(And if you get caught up, the @writercastle twitter account ties into episodes and is a LOT of fun.)
So far, I think it's mediocre but mostly inoffensive, with occasional very nice bits. But I'm prepared to have my mind changed in either direction.

I would still rather have Life back. THAT was impressive TV.
Castle rests almsot entirely on Nathan Fillion's charisma - without him, there's pretty much no there there, though the Castle father-daughter scenes are also pretty wonderful.

Have you encountered White Collar yet? Highly recommended if you also like Leverage.
It's on my list of things to check out eventually.

I sort of tolerate Leverage. It annoys the fuck out of me, but less so than most television, and I like Elliot, Parker, and Hardison a great deal.

The thing is, I mostly don't really *like* television shows. (The exceptions are Mythbusters, Good Eats, and Criminal Minds.) Which is fortunate, because I don't have a lot of time to watch them.
Also, next time I see you I am totally asking you to sign my chest.
I'll bring my sharpie. <3

(Dear Castle: that's not how a forensic sketch works.)
general public thinks the writer life is like

Castle does not have cats, ergo, he is not a real writer.