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a killer caught by a lousy television show and a rotten commercial. something poetic about that.

Other nonspoilery reactions to Castle as watched.

Man, I am glad my relationship with my publishers is not that adversarial. And nine weeks overdue? Nine weeks? Man, there would be a lot of authors in gutters if that was all it took. Castle needs a better agent.

(I once sat at a table where a NYT best-selling author and a World-Fantasy-Award winning author were measuring up their longest deadline misses. The winner was at 8 years and counting. The book, by the way, has since been delivered.)

Come to think of it, where *is* his agent?

The cold open is and remains the best thing about the show.

Most interestingly, I can't decide if I'm amused that here in the future, the skilled professional is the woman and the annoying dilettante who nevertheless knows everyone and everything is the man? And the man still gets to have the show named after him?

(Which leads me to wonder: have you all noticed that this is Remington Steele*? Down to the "every murder is a book/movie plot" conceit?

Yeah, I thought you had probably caught that.)

(*Nathan Fillion, alas, is no Pierce Brosnan. But thank God for the lack of '80s hair. Still, he really needs to get untypecast, or maybe just play a different character once in a while.)
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