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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

quit whining that you haven't done anything wrong because frankly you haven't done much of anything


Okay: 1500 words on Grail, which gets me to 302 pages and makes me feel like a Real Girl--and I got the Moby Smurfberry back, with new rear brakes and blower motor. I really like the new mechanic I took it to--Main Street Auto in Manchester, which turned it around in 24 hours and stuck to their estimate, even though it turns out the car needed rear cylinders, too. (Good thing the new brakes work. There was a panic stop on the way to the gym when somebody cut me off and then braked sharply. Yep. Car stops. Huzzah!)

So while I was sitting on the couch wrangling wordcount, having already put on my pajamas and bathrobe, TBRE called to say hey, she and another friend were going climbing, did I want to come? After some wibbling I wound up going, once I finished my six pages, and boy am I glad I did. Because not only did I nail a 5.9 I could barely get on six weeks ago (nine pounds apparently equates to climbing half a grade better), but I also redid some old stuff better than I had before, and then The Jeff found a new route in the corner--

with my name on it. Literally.

I have been teasing one of the route setters for a while about the geriatric route in the corner, which was so old it was the first or second 5.7 I ever finished. Well, it's gone, and now there's a white route called "Sarah Says." (For those of you tuning in, Sarah is my first name. Elizabeth and Bear are both middle names. My last name is long and unpronounceable, thus the truncation for book cover purposes.)

They named a route after me.

I feel so totally like a girl who belongs somewhere it isn't even funny. What a terribly unfamiliar and wonderful sensation.

And because I happened to be there at the right time, I got the first ascent on it. Now that is serendipity.

Best! Day! Ever!

Because I have had such an awesome day, I bring you something utterly wonderful. If you have never heard (or heard of) Mississippi John Hurt, this should make your day. This is what a master looks like:



You bring the awesome. In several THOUSAND ways.
Two masters, because I'm pretty sure that's Pete Seeger next to him. (Don't know who the woman is. Peggy Seeger? Ronnie GIlbert?)

Also, this. Don't know who the guy is, but he's not bad - and I couldn't find the version by Dave van Ronk and Tom Paxton on Youtube, though I have a recording of it (on Follow that Road, vol. 1)

"I stole the music in a way."

Pete Seeger, Hedy West, and Paul Cadwell.

Quite the lineup.

And I love watching Mr. Seeger worshipping Mr. Hurt a little.

Definitely Pete Seeger; that voice is quite distinctive.

And yes, Tom Paxton's "Did You Hear John Hurt?" was how I first heard of Mississippi John Hurt.

I should buy more of his stuff; I'm wryly amused to see that in my iTunes library I have three songs by Mississippi John Hurt (all from folk anthologies), and four versions of "Did You Hear John Hurt?"
Wow. I was not familiar with Mr. Hurt. What a wonderful musician.
He was a phenomenon.
That is seriously awesome. Bookmark this day to reference when days aren't so good.
Yeah for climbing. I know how hard you work at it, and how good it makes you feel.
And a route named for you. Quite the honor!
Pete Seeger always loves any one who loves music. Any kind of music. And he loves to share his finds. Yep, he's still at it. Just go looking for him on the Hudson River. :) Which is now a living river thanks to him. Go Pete - 90 Years Young.
Pete Seeger is a national treasure.
I love me my Mississippi John Hurt. Thanks for the fix.
He's particularly adorable in that one, too.
Congrats and yay and a big giant ear-hurty EEEEE! from me on the route!

And ohmygosh, that's gorgeous.

And a completely off-topic question:

Um. I remember quite a while back you'd solicited writer-y-type questions from your readers, and then over the course of several posts answered a bunch (or all - I didn't really keep track) of them (and some of them were from me), and I've been trying to find them again (the original comment-with-questions-for-me post, and the answers)...I love your tags, and your post titles, and whatnot, and get a lot of amusement and thinky thoughts out of them, but it makes it really really hard to remember/figure out what you're actually talking about in any given post (aside from shadowunit and geeks with guns.). So. I was wondering if you remembered what tag(s) you used for those posts? Maybe? If not, I'll just keep plowing through the last couple years' worth of posts...*cowers*
Also - I went looking for versions of one of my all-time-favorites on youtube (Pachelbel Canon in D) and found...some really really pretty versions, but what I kinda fell out of my chair at was this:

Sungha Jung's version of Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer on acoustic guitar

If he's this good at age 12, I want to hear/see him play in another 20 or 30 years.
That's it! Thank you!
Yay for belonging!
How wonderful! "Sarah Says" and being the first to climb it and the music too.

And the word count. Seeing as how that means there's more fiction getting closer to when I can read it.
Sounds like a most excellent day!
It was!
Cool! You are a mighty Bear. :)
I feel like a very mighty bear indeed right now.

of course, I am a mighty bear who has to buy a new laptop cord this morning, as somebody's destructive kitten has chewed on the old one.

Destructo kittens bring us thumping back to the ground, every time.
off topic.. i am ok, if trapped in a previous century... and my email is gerfuct for some reason.
Oh, good. Er, well, not entirely good. You know what I mean.
It does this sometimes, it wont accept my password for outgoing. Usually it fixes itself.
ooo! Wildflowers!
Wow. Best! Days! Ever! for both the GRD and yourself!. How splendiferous!
That is FABULOUS, about them naming a route after you. W00t!