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dragons happen when you least expect them

Whew. I spent the day cleaning the house. Kind of hoping that when TBRE comes home, I can talk her into vacuuming--or I might just do it myself, because I've hit some kind of I live in a plague pit limit.

In a bit here, I'm going to start dinner for various peoples. Just now, I packed up some mail-order bras to send back to Figleaves, because apparently whatever else is going on with project less-of-me, around the chestal area it's turning into project more-of-me, and I am now (tmi) edging up into a 36F. Excuse me, boob fairy? I did not order these.

In much more interesting news, elisem is posting about the dragon stories that truepenny and I keep writing for each other, based on elisem's dragon necklaces. Curiously, I have another dragon story brewing, but no necklace in hand to inspire it.

They're pretty good stories, and all four so far are online. You might like them.

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