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i lived my life in babylon

Office 2010 02 20 003
So, having spent all day cleaning my office, here is the clean office I got as my return on the bargain. Or at least, this is one side of the room. (There's a Hugo and a couple of a cheeseboards in the background. The Hugo is being scaled by a Suckmonkey. I keep hoping the rocketship will drain the power from the Suckmonkey, but it hasn't happened yet. At least the damned thing is off my back. Also in the picture, a map of 16th century Canterbury (why ever would I have that?), a plastic model of a spotted draught horse, and the Inevitable Tea Carafe.(Kousmichoff Tchai, if you were wondering.)

Also, the new bookshelf, loaded up with books, and my slippers.

And the shoggoth, useful for dusting, as rikibeth will attest.

Below, there are views of the Other Side Of The Office, including the Other Desk (with desktop computer, scanner, printer, etc--the scanner needs to be hooked up, but I did finally get the printer vacuumed out today) and a close-up of the bookshelf, with Fearless Kjitten sacked out in the sling chair by the window.

I have taped up my kjitten-nibbled laptop cord, and it seems to be working for now. And I did finally find my backup laptop battery, for those following the saga on Twitter.

It was on top of the refrigerator.

Well, of course. Where else would it be?

(This is one of the places I write books. Previously, of course, we have seen the library downstairs, and its various writer perches. And my bed.

You never know where you're going to feel like holing up with a nice manuscript.
Office 2010 02 20 002 Office 2010 02 20 004

ETA: And here's another place books get written, and two of my coworkers:

Office 2010 02 20 008 Office 2010 02 20 005 Office 2010 02 20 006
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