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relevant or orthoganal song lyric here

via oursin--I don't think she meant this to be a meme, but it was too good to pass up.

The all-pupose archetypal matociquala post:

I worked today. I didn't mean to work today, but I worked today. I climbed a rock. I went for a walk. Here is a picture of my dog. Here is a picture of my cat. I drank some tea. I wrote some words. The story I am working on requires a certain kind of attention. I am working very hard on a story and getting nowhere. I feel like I am spinning my wheels in tapioca here. I have figured out what is wrong with this story and am correcting it. I went for a walk with my dog. I climbed a wall. I saw a movie and here is my opinion of it. This TV show is not very good, but I am watching it anyway, and here is some viewer response. I drank some more tea. Here is a link. Here is another link. The internet is full of things. The wolf is at the door. Here is a picture of my workspace. Here is a picture of my tea. Here is an extended version of something I said in Twitter. Here is my to-do list. I work too much. Here is something I ate. Here is some music I liked. Here is my new cover art. Here is a charity auction of some sort. Here is a book I read and some stuff about what I thought when I read it.

Complaint department: Here is something pithy and cutting
Monkey: I am so your bitch.

Here is something that I perceive to be a false binary. Here are some tactics for writing that may or may not work for you. Here is my foot in my mouth. Here is some minor diversion in my day. Here is a list of things I am working on. Here is my deadline stress. Here is my public accountability.

Here is a meditation on the deeper significance of some pop-culture phenomenon, and a picture of Iggy Pop's chesticles. Here is someplace neat I went, and some discussion of one of the hobbies I don't have enough time for.

(Here is an episode recap of Criminal Minds.)

Here is some illustration of the glamorous life of the writer.

Here is a pithy quote.

927 words today, amounting to the first two pages of two different stories. One is the next contribution to the dragon stories truepenny and I keep writing at each other. The other is a werewolf story for stillsostrange.

At least my brain is doing something to keep itself busy while I figure out how the hell Grail gets from here to the end.

But I only have a hundred pages left to write, and two months to write it in. The pressure is off. I'll f igure it out sooner or later.
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