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they live on candy apples instead of oats and hay

And "The Romance" is off to beta readers at 10,000 words, and my redneck carnitas is on the stove for tacos later.

It finally told me the theme in the last two sentences I added to it, even though that theme was patent in the story from the start--and in the title, too. I tell ya, underbrain, sometimes you gotta tell the language-handling bits what's going on in there.

Now I just have to wait for crits, revise as necessary, and figure out where to send a ten thousand word ghost story about a carousel.

Yes, I wrote a ghost story, even though I hate ghost stories. I think I have to dedicate it to truepenny.

(Smile is a ghost story too. She's contagious.)

Technically speaking, I'm supposed to wait until the novel is finished for all the jammed short story ideas to fall out of my brain.

Still, that gives me 1600 words or so for the day, which is pretty respectable. I can feel virtuous while I'm getting around that carnitas. (I've been stealing the braising liquid to drink. Oh god, is it dinner yet?)
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