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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

don't run away. it's only me.

Got up this morning, took the dogge for a run, came home, made tea, ate food, and settled down to write for a bit. Actually got 1120 words, finished chapter 11 of Grail and got the first scene of Chapter 12 done. It's all feeling quite manageable right now, and I even know what the next two scenes are. I've moved from the "Oh god, how am I ever going to fill four hundred pages?" stage to the "I am never going to fit the resolution of these plots into this book!" stage.

Oh, thank you, persistence. I appear to be out of the Dreaded Middle of the book, and into the climax. Now I just need to get these people moving.

Which is complicated when travel distances are so long.

Maybe I can invent a star drive to speed things up a little, because the time spent zipping around the solar system is killing me.

307 / 400 pages. 77% done!

And hey, I even have time for a short nap before errands.


Maybe I can invent a star drive to speed things up a little, because the time spent zipping around the solar system is killing me.

At least you think about things like that? Seriously, most people grasp star drive is a good idea for interstellar travel. Not so much getting from Saturn to Earth or something.

(OTOH, with ridiculous amounts of energy*, the zipping around the solar system is more a matter of days unless you want to head around the equivalent of the outer solar system. If you're stuck with 'fire rockets once at the start and once at the end', then you get to wait for months (or years).)

* And/or something that lets you accelerate without turning your crew into bloody jelly (even if they do have advanced nanotech) and your ship into twisted metal.
So... with one bound they were free where they needed to be doesn't work in the rules of your universe? Some kind of hitherto unmentioned micro-jump capability...
I understand this feeling, I am sitting at 353 pages and looking at so much plot let to tell, I am now facing the fact that 400 pages is just not going to happen, I am now thinking this is going to be closer to 500. *gulp* Thats a big book.
I got an Amazon "You may also like" e-mail today -- because I'd bought Interfictions, they recommended Chill. :-)
The Speed of light is a bummer, and now they say that 99% C will toast you like a cookie as the stray hydrogen atoms hit like cosmic rays.. Hyperspace, wormholes or nada,. I did use relativistic speeds in a book, but i may have to go back and put an iceteroid in front of the ship
Hmm... possibly the characters could discover that somebody had left a conveniently deus-shaped machina over in a closet somewhere?