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don't run away. it's only me.

Got up this morning, took the dogge for a run, came home, made tea, ate food, and settled down to write for a bit. Actually got 1120 words, finished chapter 11 of Grail and got the first scene of Chapter 12 done. It's all feeling quite manageable right now, and I even know what the next two scenes are. I've moved from the "Oh god, how am I ever going to fill four hundred pages?" stage to the "I am never going to fit the resolution of these plots into this book!" stage.

Oh, thank you, persistence. I appear to be out of the Dreaded Middle of the book, and into the climax. Now I just need to get these people moving.

Which is complicated when travel distances are so long.

Maybe I can invent a star drive to speed things up a little, because the time spent zipping around the solar system is killing me.

307 / 400 pages. 77% done!

And hey, I even have time for a short nap before errands.
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes

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