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bear by san

March 2017



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comic tick ninjas hedge

for a fee i'm happy to be your back door man

Or perhaps what I'm going to do today is watch old TV, eat oatmeal, try on all my pants and sort them into fit/nearly fit/don't fit/need fixing piles, do the mending, tidy up my sewing box, untangle all this embroidery floss, and think about embroidering white and purple vines with blue seed beads up the legs of these vintage '70s button-fly stovepipe K-mart jeans I must have bought in a thrift store in Nevada.

Because they're AWESOME, that's why.

I wish I still had any idea where my embroidery hoops went.


Well, I still have plans to write that column, and probably try to get four pages tonight. But I'm in pretty good shape deadlinewise, so it won't kill me to feed my brain rather than draining it. *g*

If I get the embroidery done, I can wear them when I come visit. *g*
I love that icon! From the original The Tick comics! Remember, Ninjas don't bounce.

happy Tuesday, Beautiful Bear.
button fly stovepipe jeans. COVET.

If you don't find your embroidery hoop within a reasonable time frame, I can bring one over.
Two of you could wear them. *g*

I'm just doing stem stitch--the hoop would be more trouble than it's worth, I think.
Hey, those cream linen Liz Claiborne trousers you gave me fit fine, I'm not complaining. I just want to find a pair of button-fly stovepipe jeans in MY size!
If the denim is stiff enough and your stitch tension is reasonable you may not need a hoop.

*this is me trying very hard to resist the siren call of sparkly beads...*
any idea where my embroidery hoops went

I remember using mine for strainers... hey, I couldnt find the proper kitchen tools at the time..
I used some of my cheap wooden ones to play ring toss with the cat. The cat was not amused.
*peals of laughter* I think my cat would save up her resentment until I'm asleep, then kill me. (Or maybe not, there's that issue of the can opener for her daily gooshyfood...)
The late lamented Black Cat of Chaos was the least threatening cat I have ever met. She was of the "Hello! I have not met you before! Let me put myself upon your lap so that you may pet me!" variety of cat. She was also totally unafraid of the vacuum cleaner, so I think embroidery hoops were beneath her notice.