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Nothing like getting an in-joke five damn years later.

In an early Criminal Minds episode ("LDSK," written by Andrew Wilder) there's a gunfight in a hospital Emergency Department, culminating in an exchange where one agent says to another of a sniper-style headshot, "Nice shot," and the second replies, "I was aiming for his leg."

Now, he's patently not aiming for the leg, as it's been established throughout the episode that the will to kill somebody is the major thematic concern of the episode, and a nonfatal shot would have resulted in many deaths.

Well, I've been catching up on the last two seasons of Third Watch (same executive producer, much of the same production team. And episode 5x11 is a really, really good 43 minutes of television, let me tell you what. The whole episode is one long cinema verite tracking shot, taking place on one street. Now that is how you shoot a bottle show.)

In episode 6x1 ("More Monsters," written by Edward Bernero), there's a shootout in a hospital ED. A similar headshot happens, and one cop says to another, "Nice shot."

To which the second replies--

Yeah, you called it.

Reader, I laughed.

I miss Andrew Wilder, man.
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