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December 2021



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the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight

My D&D game was cancelled, so instead I decided to work on the garden. Got various things in the peat pots and under the grow light to start:

garden 2010 02 28 008

And then turned over the garden itself, got the landscape cloth tacked down, and the peas and spinach in. It might be a week too early, but they're cold-hardy and ground is soft. (The spinach is planted in a straw bale anyway.)

garden 2010 02 28 010

I'm looking forward to this.

I also cleaned out the pantry, which was a disaster. Next step, cleaning the kitchen and washing the floors.


And we still have a foot and a half of snow on the ground.
A foot of snow here. I'll be starting seeds in a couple of weeks for planting mid-May.
I am so excited about the tomatoes and tomatillos I could make squealing noises.
Hooray for peat pots and grow lights!

I need to pick up some cosmos and sunflowers. I wonder if they'll make it in the narrow spot between the bales and the shed.
you've started peas and spinach outside already!?
It's almost March. *g*


I'm not familiar with this planting method. Given the amount of dirt that spinach collects, I can see where this could be a good thing. Do you have to use water that is enriched with fertilizer? Inquiring minds want to know!

I've been harvesting sugar snap peas like crazy, but they've been in for quite a while. My fava beans are blooming like mad, so I'm hoping for a decent crop. Brussels sprouts have been a bust, but that's my fault for letting them get rootbound before I planted them. No amount of teasing the roots loose seems to have helped.

Re: Bales?

I'm trying it for the first time this year. You fertilize right on the bale. You have to water about twice as much, because the straw doesn't retain water as well, and it's not good for tall plants (like tomatoes). But it's really good for spinach, lettuce, herbs, and so on. So I'm doing the salad garden in straw bales this year, to save room in the ground for corn.

The trick, I am told, is to put the straw out at the end of the previous fall, so it has time to start decomposing. Supposedly, you can get two growing seasons out of a bale. Then, of course... it's mulch!
Dungeons & Dragons? That's so 1980's... (any chance you guys would be looking for players from Ohio... and could you send an airplane out for me every week or so so's I could attend on a regular basis?)

She travels over an hour to get to it herself, so it's not likely a plane can be gotten. ;)
Me too.

A cancelled D&D game... always so sad...
Lullaby! That makes me think of black lights, not grow lights.

I am so jealous...

my garden is completely buried under two feet of hardpacked snow, and I know that if I start seedlings now they'll be ready too soon. So I am valiantly resisting. Really, I am.

- D
ps- don't you rent? How'd you get your landlord's permission for a garden? None of mine would ever let me grow anything.

Re: I am so jealous...

You need a better class of landlords. *g* None of mine have ever given me any trouble about it.
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And Sally.