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someone's always coming around here trailing some new kill

Apparently mother nature checked the calendar, because it's definitely March out there now. Cool--not cold--moist and windy this morning. The GRD and I managed a long walk this morning, three and a half miles.

In other news, I still have no brain. I shall be working on my book review column until I grow one, or until it is done.

The nice thing about the 27th round of post-novel ennui is that you know what it is and what to expect, and that the enthusiasm and creativity will resume eventually. It had better resume by the time I'm back from Tucson, anyway, because the novel's due April 15.

Still no sign of the itchiness to do work, though. My head feels a little less scraped out at least, but it's not yet full of juicy goodness. I refuse to fret about that, though.

Nothing's got to get done this year that I haven't managed before.

Back to my reading now.

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