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and i am not a mother

Criminal Minds 05x16, "Mosley Lane," written by Simon Mirren and Erica Messer, directed by Matthew Gray Gubler

Ah, the signature CM endangered child balloon.

I love Prentiss's dismissal of coincidence. Although SRSLY, Emily--I think Reid has the trauma hair covered.

Ah yeah, one of the top two creepy lullabies. (The other, of course, being "All the Pretty Little Horsies."

Reid and Morgan will not be answering that question, thanks. Morgan most especially.

Return of the manpurse!

Nice scene shift from the polaroid flash to Amy.

Heh. Oh, Morgan. If JJ doesn't hand you your head for that, Prentiss will. And you will deserve it, honey.

Nice use of light as David enters Amy's room.

This is indeed an exceptionally creepy episode.

The handling of the alcoholic mother of the victim is really nice. Because this is My Show, she's a realized character with pathos, agency, and heart. Another victim.

"I can do that. I--I can do that."

The Prentiss and Hoth greenscreen is gorgeous. As is Hotch looking out for the kids.

I love the team, so sorry that the parents know these unforgettable intolerable things.

The kids taking care of each other is wonderful, and segues nicely into Garcia doing what Garcia does best. She is the goddess of compassion.

I love how they never say what, exactly, the predisposition is. Reid has foot in mouth disease, and Sarah is starting to figure out what, exactly, the last eight years of Charlie's life have been like.

And the victim blaming, demonstrated and dismissed.

ooo, creepy unsub lady is CREEPY.

And Morgan realizes the awful troof.

"It's for the dogs."

And Mom has not let go of that hat.

Awww doggie.

"Will that hurt the roses?"

JJ cracks the case!

A joyous reunion. And Morgan walks away shaking his head to deliver the bad news elsewhere. Oh, show.

Aww, Charlie. That's gonna leave a mark.

Well, that was a good 'un.

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