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Cat Vs. Monkey: Dark Cats of the Sith

Complaint Department: Monkey, are you up?
Monkey: Despite the fact that you are walking on my hand and my hair and face, no.
Complaint Department: Monkey, are you dead?
Fearless Kjitten: Ooo, if she's dead, can I eat her?
Monkey: Not dead. Can't eat me. I'm sleeping in half an hour. Back off.
Complaint Department: You clock radio is making noise.
Monkey: I know. I'm  listening to it.
Complaint Department: But the sun is up.
Monkey: I know. I'm not getting up yet.
Complaint Department: YOU MIGHT BE DEAD!
Monkey: Really, not dead, you little monster.
Complaint Department: But it's time to get up!
Monkey: How can you tell?
Complaint Department: Because the big hand is on the thingy and the little hand is on the other thingy.
Monkey: It's a digital clock.
Complaint Department: Oh, bother.
Monkey: *gloats*
Complaint Department: Anyway, the clock of MAH BELLEH says it's time to GET UP.
Monkey: Why is there no snooze button on a cat?
Complaint Department: Institute Plan  B.
Fearless Kjitten: *pushes things off taller things with resounding crashes*
Monkey: *grumbling, gets up*
Complaint Department: Today, my young apprentice, you have made me proud.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat

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