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December 2021



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can't sleep books will eat me

it's a necessary evil

Just so you know, there's going to be another book sale, before the book population completely eats my office.

rikibeth managed an inventory of the collection yesterday, and thus was the ranch saved... or something. (She also took a picture of the Fearless Kjitten "helping" me go over contracts.)

Week of March 15th, all books signed and personalized. Mark your calendars: we only do this once a year!


Link borked. You left out the opening pointy-bracket, easy to forget in a parenthetical note!

Dear readers, the inventory, although matociquala appeared to dread it, was as nothing compared to the ones found in the Mines of Retail, especially since I could SIT on a SOFT CARPET and drink tea and listen to Rasputina while doing it, whereas in retail they believe standing communicates some sort of moral virtue even if the task would be better done sitting.

Don't worry, I didn't get any tea on the books.

Edited at 2010-03-06 01:17 pm (UTC)
I got "excused" from having to do inventory when it was discovered that if the important numbers had to go through my brain at any point in their journey from the tag to the inventory forms they would end up corrupted.

I warned them that I have dyscalculia (though I didn't have that term for it yet), really I did, and they did not believe me.
Holy Bast! That's a kitten? What are you feeding that boy, Miracle Grow?

How does the "signed and personalized" books thing work?
He's 11 months. Ginormous, huh?

Signed and personalized--basically, I will sign the book to anyone you like.

"To Bob, Elizabeth Bear." Like that.
They finally shipped that "Chill" i'll take a Bone and Jewel Creatures if you have one.Thanks
Don't have any of those yet. But don't go asking for anything yet--it won;t make it into the tally unless it's on the right lj entry.
Ah. The classic 'whatever you are doing is less important than petting me' pose. At least the Visiting Cat seems to realize that I will shove her off the desk, but not my lap*, the couch or the window sill.

* Unless she tries to climb into my lap by sinking her claws into my thigh. Then no lap for her and she gets yelled at and chased.
I fear that whatever he is looking at is not long for this world.