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bear by san

March 2017



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if you liked what you were doing it wouldn't be work

Quitting a little early today because I hit my minimum quota and I have family obligations today (chores and so forth, also dropping off the dogge at grandma's before I go off to the Tucson book festival).

Wrote a thousand words. Might write more tonight, as I'm not doing anything else except packing. I also did a little more formatting and outline fiddling and got four more pages out of the manuscript (It turns out I had planned for several chapters at the end that I'm not going to need, you see) so there's no actual visible progress.

Chapter sixteen is done in rough except for one scene that exists only as a summary because I'm not yet sure if I need it and how it goes, if I do. Chapter seventeen is outlined.

The vacation seems to have worn off, and we're back to pulling teeth again, but the work is getting done, and that's all that matters.

84000 / 100000 words. 84% done!

I think the pacing is off, and I am so very aware of how I am going to have to go back to the front end of the book and take out heaps of boring exposition and replace them with characterization and tension and plot, but I'm sure that will all be easier once I know where the story is going.

In the meantime: It's a draft; it can suck. It's a draft; it can suck.


"In the meantime: It's a draft; it can suck. It's a draft; it can suck."

Oooh, you're GOOD. I have so much trouble getting over this hump!

Thank You Bear!

Your struggles here mirror my own and its comforting to see your thoughts posted. Your thought processes in writing seem so familiar to me when you talk about them your blog is becoming like a one woman support group for my own efforts and struggle with getting my novel written.

"In the meantime: It's a draft; it can suck. It's a draft; it can suck." is a really excellent mantra for dealing with the overwhelmed feeling I get when I consider that I have the WHOLE revision stage waiting once I am done with the draft.


Re: Thank You Bear!

I'm pretty sure most writers endure this process.
I went to Pandemonium Books in Cambridge tonight because my day at work sucked.

Chill was on the shelf.

I had to keep the squee contained to non-eardrum-damaging levels, as there were other customers in the store, but you may imagine I might have otherwise cracked the windows.

I'm four chapters in. You have just saved the next 48 hours from being completely sucky. Thank you.
Very glad to be of service.
It's a draft; it can suck. It's a draft; it can suck.

I want this on a T-shirt. Front and back.
Also, if I had a baby? I'd want it on a bib. Snortle.