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bear by san

March 2017



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new england quiet before the work

to believe in this living is just a hard way to go

As leahbobet has reported, we are safe in Tucson, except for an untoward habanero incident. Still missing a stillsostrange, but I suppose we shall endeavor to cupcake without her.

I seem to be the first one up (this is my role in life) and have made tea and am thinking about foods. Also, went for a run in the desert at dawn and took you some photos.

Desert Sunrise Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 002 Desert Sunrise Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 011 Desert Sunrise Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 005

And the most boring restful video ever.

jaylake wants you to know all about animal poop.


Have fun in the Baked Pueblo!! I hope it doesn't rain on you too much.

If you have a chance to go to El Charro, do. Please have a carne seca burrito for me. Mmmmmmm.
That saguaro in the last picture is an ent, by the way.
Yes, there are lots of ents in the Sonoran Desert. :)
Your internet is in the mai--oh, wait, I'll just give it to you at breakfast.
How would you know? *grin*
Ooh, is that a bat around 17 seconds in? This reminds me that there are things to like about the desert. The early morning with all its sounds is one of them.
Mourning dove. *g*
Ah, right, of course!
Welcome to Tucson!
Congrats on a safe arrival and not actually sucumbing to habanero poisoning!
It was a particularly lovely dawn, too, with a few tattered clouds left over the snowy mountains but exceptionally clear sky otherwise. Unfortunately, my bike route to work has me facing away from the mountains you're closest to, but for several minutes I'm heading due south with an unobstructed view of the Santa Ritas, which are deep white today, stained pink at the time with the first blush of sun.

BTW, are the baby quail out yet? (I don't see any this far into town, so I'm missing one of the prime spring signals.)


Edited at 2010-03-09 04:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks. I'm out of sync on those.

You should try to entice a javalina herd; a bit of flour in the driveway has worked in the past.
I'm glad to hear the Habañero Incident was avoided... but man, what a way to go!

To believe in just livin...'

Yeah. I'm a John Prine fan...
If you like beer, and great food, I suggest Thunder Canyon Brewery. Also, Macayos has terrific Mexican food. And if you're in the mood for sushi, I suggest Bunbuku. The owner there is fantastic!
*follows link* AHA. Attempted Untoward Use of a Habanero. Rather then some sort of GM'd sentient habanero being untoward towards all and sundry. Good to know.

Have fun! /wishes some day to actually go west of the Mississippi
Welcome to Tucson! :) I miss the place and try to get down often.

hmm... perhaps you ought to try one of the habaneros I grew. Then again... may be not. My husband (who eats them whole off the plant), actually kind of coughed while eating one recently. Made me feel good since he has a hard time finding anything hot enough.