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bear by san

March 2017



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Moar signage!

Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 033 Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 031
Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 030 Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 027
Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 026 Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 021

Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 019 Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 009
Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 003 Cupcakecon Tucson AZ 2010 03 09 001

Today we went to Tombstone and Bisbee. They had good signs.


We missed you!

I'm a little unnerved that you can get Mexican or American cowboys for breakfast right on the street, though...
1. Hee! I'd almost forgotten how quaint some signage can get in the Southwestern region. (I grew up in Texas and made yearly pilgrimages to Las Cruces as a child.)

2. Your mention of Bisbee reminded me of a Calexico song from their "Garden Ruin" album, called "Bisbee Blue": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VfwEjHwcoM (This is performed differently from how it is on the album, but it's a lovely song either way.)

Tombstone DOES have great signs!

Here's a couple I saw when I was there back in 2007:

Cowboys! Scrap from boots!

Politicians! Scrape boots!
Me, too!
"Do Not Enter When Flooded" doesn't look that weird when you've been around here a few years -- there are a lot of enthusiastic part-time rivers and roller-coaster roads in the desert. "Watch for Ice on Bridges" is another one that always tickles me, particularly when seen wavering through 100-degree heat.
I lived in the Mojave for seven years. So yeah, I know all about the washes becoming washes when it rains. Vegas is legendary for once loosing its swift-water rescue truck to a flood.

But that doesn't make the sign any less amusing.
"Please do not taunt the Do Not Enter When Flooded sign"

Especially since it probably was just a couple days ago.

Love the font on "No Heavy Trucks"
But the coffee! Did you get COFFEE?!?!

I got a beer, though.
But. . . but. . . COFFEE!!! They even give it away free there!

Although beer is an acceptable substitute I guess.
Oh yay, two of my favorite places!!
Tombstone was awesome! I have pics of the show they do there (the horse one).
I do remember great signs in Bisbee.
Glad I will see you this weekend, otherwise I would have to be distraught that you were in Bisbee and didn't alert us.

Yeah, I'm going to avoid the speed humps, at any rate.