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bear by san

March 2017



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writing softcore nerdporn _ heres_luck

Today, we are going to Colossal Cave, where we are likely to be eaten by a grue.


Just stay out of darkness and you should be fine.

Have fun! :D

I try. ;)
Insert obligatory remark about mazes of narrow twisty passages all alike.

Also "plugh."
It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
Just remember to take plenty of oil for the lantern.
Totally cool.

Not being eaten by a grue would also be cool.
I'm quite fond of Kartchner Caverns, myself. But for history and old gangs hiding out in caves, Colossal Cave is fun.
You should be fine if you don't move a muscle.
Good Luck.
Just keep a light on.
No, the grues are in Kartchner Caverns, actually.

Somebody didn't click the link. *g*
Oh I did. And played the games, back in the day. The problem is, the grues really are in Kartchner, rather than Colossal. Something to do with still being a living cave with real spelunkers.

*hands you a lamp*
ooo! I went there, and it is indeed awesome! Go on one of the more adventurous tours if you can. They're totally cool and you can feel special about getting to see the less-often-viewed parts of the cave.

...also, hi! I got here from SU.
Please not to be falling into a pit.
I suppose it wouldn't help if I pointed out that (a) the game is based on the Bedquilt portion of Mammoth Cave, which is connected to Colossal Cave, but isn't the same thing. Bedquilt isn't open to the public.

And (b), grues were from the *other* game. :)

(I'm on a panel about this stuff at PAX, actually.)
Let me introduce you to this thing we call a sense of humor....
Humor? Humor? No time for that. Preparing for PAX. Have you seen my third laptop?

See, I told you it wouldn't help.
grues are bad enough, but beware the unusual hoon...
is jealous. We have some decent caves down here, but I've wanted to visit Mammoth for years. Hope you survive the grue :}