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you get so dizzy even walking in a straight line

Okay, in box cleaned out, cover copy written, bio written for Wings Of Fire, dog has chased off a squirrel or two, carrots and radishes and mesclun mix planted. Peas are coming up! No sign of the spinach yet.

Next step, muffins. After the muffins, lunch and then words. Yes, I'm reversing my schedule today, but that's one of the benefits of being my own boss--and I have all afternoon to write, so I plan to luxuriate in the unscheduled time and get this damned scene finished.

Last night, 400 words on Shadow Unit and 1000 words on Grail, to finish out chapter whatever that was. (I've lost track.)

Man, this thing is going together in any old order at all, but I'll fix it later.

Oh, and my living room windows are open. I mean, I'm wearing a sweater, but--Windows open! Breeze!
Tags: dreams and bones, grow your own, suburban peasantry
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