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when the white flame in us is gone

This may officially be the worst Bad Draft I have ever written. Entire scenes are currently being dispensed with with [bracket notes in which something happens.]

The good news is that I have five chapters (and a lot of backfill) left to get through, and I more or less know what happens in all of them, though there is a certain amount of "and then X does Something Heroic, figure it out later."

The funny thing is, despite the Badness of the Draft, I'm actually quite confident in the book as a whole. Probably because Chill started off as a Draft equally or almost as Bad, and seems to have cohered into a pretty decent novel, albeit one with at least one glaring continuity error that I'm aware of. (No, I won't tell you what it is.)

Well, if I were perfect, I wouldn't be writing space opera for a living.

Anyway, once I get this squared away, the next things on the reaming order are the Sekrit Projekt, the thing for erzebet, and A Reckoning of Men. Not necessarily in that order.

It is better to be busy than to starve.

366 / 400 pages. 92% done!
Tags: jacob's ladder, progress notes

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