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maybe we're crazy

This morning, when I took the dog for his walk, I also Released A Smouse which was caught in the live trap last night. Our smice are deer smice (also known as white-footed smice), which are (a) adorable and (b) reservoirs for Lyme disease and leptospirosis. Yay?

Anyway, I did not have to shake the smouse from the trap, because it was alert and oriented and ready to go--as soon as I opened the trap it sprang out into the nearest pile of leaves and there flattened itself. The dog did not notice.

Because I wanted the smouse to make itself a little more inevident, I prodded it with my (gloved) finger.

THAT bounce (approximately eighteen inches in height, and probably a good twenty-four lengthwise) the dog noticed.

Man, if I could get him to look like that in the show ring,  I'd be golden. Ears up, head cocked, tail perfect, stacked like a pro....

Yeah, starting work late again today. Daylight savings time, man.
Tags: giant ridiculous dog, smouse

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