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sleep a while you must be tired.

Man, Sam Beam writes him some pretty lyrics.

Started late, but still got 2K today and finished Chapter 19, for Bad Draft values of "finished." Since a bunch of the early-chapter exposition and faffing about will eventually have to come out, and there are whole scenes that are little better than summarized, I'm in good shape for an eventual 400-page manuscript, even though it looks right now like it's running long.

Tomorrow, on to Chapter 20! Which means I have three chapters, an interlude, and an epilogue between me and --30--. We really are getting somewhere. Of course, in Chapter 20, I have an Important Historical Plot Point and it's implications I need to sort out--or maybe pray that my editor and/or agent can sort out, because I'm at a loss.

But anyway. Enough of that. Now I need to do the parts of my job and my life I really hate, because they involve phone calls and stuff. Oh, and get that book sale post up.

375 / 400 pages. 94% done!
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