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great roving internet book sale, 2010 edition

Fine Print!

Sale will go through midnight EDT Friday or until we are out of books.

Books are sold signed and/or personalized, at cover price (rounded up: I'm taking off the damned pennies) plus (for mass market paperbacks) $4.00 shipping and handling per each book within the US, $10.00 shipping and handling over international boundaries--for trade paperbacks and hardcovers, this will be $6.00/$12.00, respectively. This covers the cost of packaging as well as shipping, and paypal's cut of the proceeds, and seems roughly equitable with what used book retailers charge.

Prices for each book will be listed next to the titles, below, including shipping WITHIN THE US. If you are OUTSIDE the US, please add another six bucks.

If you want your package insured, I will charge you the real cost of the insurance once the book is shipped. Otherwise, we both take our chances.

There are one or two items listed that will sell for more than cover price, because they are OOP or otherwise rare, and I need the money.

To purchase a book or set of books, please comment on this entry with your name and the books you would like to reserve, and the total you expect to pay.

Because I have limited quantities of each title, this is strictly first come, first served.

rikibeth will reply to your comment to let you know to paypal the payment. The address for money is matociquala at gmail dot com. Please wait for her comment before sending money. (She may be logged in as her other self, but you will recognize her either way.)

When paying, please include your real name, your lj name, a list of what you have purchased, and your shipping address in the comments section of the paypal form. Otherwise it sometimes gets tricky to match up spikeluvr69 with Bob Jones, you know what I mean?

Yes, we only take paypal.

There was somebody who ordered a book last year and did not get it, and then never got back to me on where to send the replacement. If you are that person, please comment here or email me, and I will make it good.


MMPB = mass market paperback
TPB = trade paperback (large format paperback)
THC = trade hardcover
LEHC = limited edition hardcover
CB = chapbook
M = magazine
A = anthology
OOP = Out of Print

Okay, here we go.


Promethean Age:

Blood & Iron  MMPB (11 copies available) ($12)

Whiskey & Water  1st ed. TPB OOP (7 copies  available) ($22)
Whiskey & Water  MMPB (25 copies  available) ($12)

Ink & Steel 1st ed. TPB OOP (4 copies  available) ($22)
Ink & Steel MMPB (25 copies  available) ($12)

Hell & Earth 1st ed. TPB OOP (6 copies  available) ($22)
Hell & Earth MMPB (25 copies  available) ($12)

New Amsterdam:

New Amsterdam 1st ed. LEHC w/CB OOP (2 copies available) ($136.00)
New Amsterdam TPB OOP (2 copies  available) ($19)

Seven for a Secret 1st ed. THC OOP (6 copies available) ($61)

Edda of Burdens:

All the Windwracked Stars 1st ed. THC OOP (20 copies available) ($31)
All the Windwracked Stars MMPB (24 copies available) ($12)

By the Mountain Bound 1st ed. THC (27 copies available) ($32)

Jacob's Ladder:

Dust 1st ed. MMPB (7 copies available) ($12)

Chill 1st ed. MMPB (20 copies available) ($12)

Anthologies and Collections:

Metatropolis 1st ed. LEHC A OOP (1 copy available) ($61)


Carnival unabridged audiobook on CD (2 sets available) ($63)

Undertow unabridged audiobook on CD (1 set available) ($58)
 unabridged audiobook on CD (1 set available) ($56)

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