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never had a doubt in the beginning

[16:57] matociquala: The book I am currently reading for review doesn't suck.
[16:57] leahbobet: ooh.
[16:57] leahbobet: which?
[16:57] matociquala: Mind Games, Crane. It's mind candy, but it's honest mind candy.
[16:58] leahbobet: I started Gemma's book last night.
[16:58] matociquala: And the protag is not brittle and mouthy
[16:58] leahbobet: She can fucking write.
[16:58] matociquala: Who?
[16:58] leahbobet: Gemma Files.
[16:58] *** kafkonia has joined the conversation.
[16:58] leahbobet: It's A Book of Tongues.
[16:58] matociquala: Don't know her
[16:58] stillnotbored: hey Jamie
[16:58] kafkonia: *falls over*
[16:58] leahbobet: Hey, Jamie
[16:58] matociquala: Hey jamie
[16:58] leahbobet: She is local-to-me-persons.
[16:58] stillnotbored: I only know her as a poet
[16:58] matociquala: I am glad her book is aawesome.
[16:59] leahbobet: And meeting her in person when I was 19 or 20 was really weird because she wrote the movie review column in one of our alt-weeklies when I was in high school.
[16:59] leahbobet: I had this OMG FAMOUS PEOPLE thing.
[16:59] matociquala: This book is not awesome, but it is perfectly fun urban fantasy
[17:00] matociquala: with telepaths and stuff.
[17:00] leahbobet: Like you do. *g*
[17:00] matociquala: And it owns its moral mabiguity
[17:00] matociquala: yeah
[17:00] matociquala: hee moral mabiguity
[17:00] leahbobet: hee
[17:00] matociquala: It is also refreshingly faerie and werewolf free.
[17:00] leahbobet: I want to parse that as MAN-biguity.
[17:01] kafkonia: Gemma Files?
[17:01] leahbobet: Yup.
[17:01] leahbobet: I am four chapters in and so far I am a happy me.
[17:01] matociquala: I went to a shakespeare place, of course
[17:01] kafkonia: Odd fact: her name weirds me out because she came to my attention shortly after the death of Jenna Felice (sp?)
[17:01] leahbobet: Mabiguity = you don't actually know what Queen Mab is going to do next.
[17:02] matociquala: Status Normal
[17:02] leahbobet: MANbiguity = is that a dude?
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