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[00:10] matociquala: Oh, there we go. Persian vampire type object.
[00:11] matociquala: I think I will mash-up a demoness and these spirits of women dead in childbirth
[00:12] matociquala: I like the bit about causing SIDS by suckling infants on toxic milk
[00:14] stillsostrange: My Lamia approves.
[00:14] stillsostrange: They should go for drinks and bowling.
[00:14] matociquala: It's a related myth
[00:14] matociquala: Lamashtu
[00:15] matociquala: Mesopotamian version of the same demon
[00:15] matociquala: She also causes miscarriages and drinks the blood of young men
[00:17] stillsostrange: If she finds my lamia's plot, please send it over.
[00:17] matociquala: She hasn't found her own plot yet
[00:17] matociquala: but she's stuck in '67 Impala with an American Indian vampire who claims he was Billy the Kid
[00:17] matociquala: and she is irritated.
[00:18] matociquala: I do not blame her
[00:18] stillsostrange: Mine is hanging around bars trying to pick up punk girls.
[00:18] stillsostrange: For presumably nefarious purposes.
[00:19] matociquala: I may be accidentally mocking Twilight here
[00:19] tanaise: that's a mean thing to do to punk girls, Amanda.
[00:19] tanaise: why not have her prey on the preppys.
[00:21] matociquala: Ooo, iron-fingered demons.
[00:21] matociquala: That's fun to say
[00:21] stillsostrange: "accidentally"?
[00:21] stillsostrange: Like falling down an elevator shaft onto some mockery?
[00:21] matociquala: Yeah. I have not set out to mock Twilight
[00:22] matociquala: I have set out to pay homage to Near Dark
[00:22] stillsostrange: hee
[00:22] matociquala: In fact, I have not read or viewed Twilight
[00:22] matociquala: But I understand there is some American Indian dumbness involved.
[00:22] matociquala: You know, through Internet Osmosis, the basis of all nuanced understandings.
[00:23] tanaise: The american indians are werewolves.
[00:23] matociquala: They can be.
[00:24] tanaise: I know that through Internet Snark.
[00:24] matociquala: Another good basis for nuanced understandings!
[00:24] tanaise: No, in twilight. They're werewolves.
[00:24] matociquala: That's the flaw in accidental mockings
[00:24] matociquala: You always get things wrong.

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