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bear by san

March 2017



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mythbusters kari eye

you're walking like a fire burning everything that's in your way

[00:10] matociquala: Oh, there we go. Persian vampire type object.
[00:11] matociquala: I think I will mash-up a demoness and these spirits of women dead in childbirth
[00:12] matociquala: I like the bit about causing SIDS by suckling infants on toxic milk
[00:14] stillsostrange: My Lamia approves.
[00:14] stillsostrange: They should go for drinks and bowling.
[00:14] matociquala: It's a related myth
[00:14] matociquala: Lamashtu
[00:15] matociquala: Mesopotamian version of the same demon
[00:15] matociquala: She also causes miscarriages and drinks the blood of young men
[00:17] stillsostrange: If she finds my lamia's plot, please send it over.
[00:17] matociquala: She hasn't found her own plot yet
[00:17] matociquala: but she's stuck in '67 Impala with an American Indian vampire who claims he was Billy the Kid
[00:17] matociquala: and she is irritated.
[00:18] matociquala: I do not blame her
[00:18] stillsostrange: Mine is hanging around bars trying to pick up punk girls.
[00:18] stillsostrange: For presumably nefarious purposes.
[00:19] matociquala: I may be accidentally mocking Twilight here
[00:19] tanaise: that's a mean thing to do to punk girls, Amanda.
[00:19] tanaise: why not have her prey on the preppys.
[00:21] matociquala: Ooo, iron-fingered demons.
[00:21] matociquala: That's fun to say
[00:21] stillsostrange: "accidentally"?
[00:21] stillsostrange: Like falling down an elevator shaft onto some mockery?
[00:21] matociquala: Yeah. I have not set out to mock Twilight
[00:22] matociquala: I have set out to pay homage to Near Dark
[00:22] stillsostrange: hee
[00:22] matociquala: In fact, I have not read or viewed Twilight
[00:22] matociquala: But I understand there is some American Indian dumbness involved.
[00:22] matociquala: You know, through Internet Osmosis, the basis of all nuanced understandings.
[00:23] tanaise: The american indians are werewolves.
[00:23] matociquala: They can be.
[00:24] tanaise: I know that through Internet Snark.
[00:24] matociquala: Another good basis for nuanced understandings!
[00:24] tanaise: No, in twilight. They're werewolves.
[00:24] matociquala: That's the flaw in accidental mockings
[00:24] matociquala: You always get things wrong.


Like falling down an elevator shaft onto some mockery

This is an absolutely beautiful turn of phrase.
She's a professional!
"I may be accidentally mocking Twilight here"

oh, I hope so. For - as much as I get annoyed with the people who mock Twilight's tween to young adult fans (kick puppies much?) and I think a lot of the mocking mischaracterizes the book and it's fans - it is sorely in need of some intelligent deconstruction. Accidental or otherwise.
I don't think much of the ire is aimed at the YA readership (on the other hand, much rightful approbrium is being heaped upon the mothers of these same young women drooling over the various male figures, in the sense that "If this were a bunch of 40 year old men openly lusting for a teenage girl, there'd be a big hue and cry over this, instead of a lot of encouragement"). In the main, the criticism is over the insipid writing, pathetic characterization, and unremitting cluelessness of Stephenie Meyer.

One ought not write vampire fiction if one has never read any. I'm just sayin'.

I was not expecting 2.81 million hits on the phrase "why twilight sucks" when I began looking for the very simple, straightforward excoriation of this series, which means I've uncovered a lot more very mean, very accurate, criticism of this series.


I'm personally tickled by this one, because Roman is a bigger gym rat than I am: http://www.romanfitnesssystems.com/383/its-not-like-you-can-say-i-didnt-try/
Did you run into the kerfuffle surrounding Stephen King's comments about Ms. Meyer? Comedy gold, I tell you.
Oh, no, I haven't. Hopefully, it will be a quiet afternoon at work, and I'll be able to...
Found it for you (and for myself). :)

Edited at 2010-03-19 04:18 pm (UTC)
My reply was far too long for a comment, so it's here instead.
Near Dark was pretty awesome and didn't get nearly enough attention. Hell, it's worth watching just for Lance Henrikson saying, "We lost."
There's actually some excellent, intelligent deconstruction/analysis of "Twilight" out there (good grief, I accidentally typed "Twitlight" the first time....)-- Cleolinda's is a great place to start.

(aaaaand.... nitpicky academic brain piped up and said, "But then the random American Indian werewolves turn out to actually be shapeshifter-types....ohgodwhydoIknowthat")

On the other hand, yay for all those fascinating-sounding culturally various vampires!
Every time I hear lamia these days, I think of Tim Powers' The Stress of Her Regard. I read it again last year and it wormed its way into the basement of my brain.

My 13 year old, who loves popular trashy YA, turned up his nose at Twilight, though he read the first book. "Moooom, it's written SO BADLY." Considering what he normally reads, that's saying something.