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i bet you love me too

Climbing outside today for the second time already this year. We went up to Pothole, which was near-deserted, and set and climbed three routes. TBRE and her friend Leigh did a fourth, but my fingertips were so freaking bruised and abraded (bleeding slightly, even) from clinging to sharp-edged quartz crystals two fingertips wide in the granite that I gave up after three.

My hands still really hurt too much to type.

Got my first 5.8 outside, though, and two 5.7s. (One of them I did last year; the other is the brutally hard one that is all crimpers and smearing.). Last week we made it out to Pinnacle one day, which is traprock (Pothole is granitic gneiss), and set and climbed two 5.7s. Pothole is only maybe a 25 or 30 foot cliff and our ropes were humorously long; Pinnacle's a bit taller, possibly forty.

Finally seeing some improvement on climbing outside, which is nice. I'm even a little less terrified, though not meaningfully.

Still haven't found the plot for "Needles," so I'm working on review columns and looking under rocks until it happens.
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